Who You, Beero?

Why beerO?

I got my name from the word “beer”, my favorite drink, and I just added letter O”.  Now, that’s very original and creative. haha. I was thinking of the word “wino” when I decided to create my blog name. I just thought of something that I like to drink most of the time. So I didn’t have to think of a long time. I thought of beer in no time. Now, that would be up to how you would define “beero”. I would define it as a man who likes to drink beer. Very literal. That describes me in every sense of the word. LOL


5 Comments on “Who You, Beero?”

  1. Geisha Says:

    palahubog for short 😀 hehehehhe

  2. jhaynee Says:

    palusot.. hehehe..

    tambay man ko di ah

  3. BADoy Says:

    pa add naman sa blog roll! x-link tayo! thanks!

  4. gerryruiz Says:

    hi beero. interesting point of view. 🙂

    btw, thnx for using my pic of the San Juanico Bridge which appears on your blog header.

    not that i am a control freak, but netiquette points to a little courtesy & acknowledgment w/c won’t hurt, di ba?


    @gerryruiz: i’m sorry but i don’t remember myself grabbing photos from your site. i grabbed that photo from my former classmate’s friendster account. now, i don’t know exactly where she got that photo. and if that’s really yours, i’m sorry. i could delete that.

  5. Basti Says:

    ahaha ayus kaya pala ganun ang name. ^^ ako maaga ako grumaduate jan, pang occasional nalang tipong mga special days lang at pa wine wine nalang. hmmm salamat dude sa nice words, and sa leyte ka pla pinanganak, hmmm so waray-bisaya-tagalog .

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