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Fun in Tacloban

June 28, 2008

After the tragic and traumatic events that happened few days ago, Tacloban City will be celebrating Sangyaw Festival tomorrow, June 29.

That’s how resilient Pinoys are. No matter how scarred we are, we can still manage to put on a happy face. Having said that, everything is set for Sangyaw Festival.

I haven’t watched Sangyaw Festival before. I actually thought that it’s the replacement of Pintados Kasadyaan Festival. I just knew lately, (from a reader) that Sangyaw Festival and Pintados Kasadyaan Festival are separate festivals. Pintados Kasadyaan Festival was held last June 27.  I also learned from him that the former was organized by the city government while the latter is organized by the provincial government. Wheew! I got totally confused ’cause I haven’t heard about Sangyaw Festival before. Thanks to Benjie Retuerto. I don’t know you personally but thanks for the info.

I’m afraid I could’t tell you what “Sangyaw” means. I was born in Leyte but grew up in Cavite. That expains why I don’t understand some high-falluting Waray  terms. Nevertheless, Sangyaw Festival would still be as grandiose as Pintados. It has just gone bigger and better. 

Pintados Festival..ilove ds festival   sto.jpg   pin3.jpg

It was published on Tacloban City’s official website that Councilor Cristina Gonzales Romualdez (the former actress and now the wife of Tacloban City’s mayor) has invited some city mayors to join the festival parade. Her efforts paid off because there will be contingents from Cebu, Bacolod, Surigao, CDO, and others vying for the half million cash prize. It’s really something to watch out for.

But unfortunately I would have to miss it…again. It was in 2006 when I last watched, or should I say joined the event. I was then an intern at M.O.R. Tacloban (the local FM Station of ABS-CBN). I really didn’t understand why we had to ramble through the city and be “flaming hot” at the end of the day. Nobody knew I have a fever that time. Thank God I didn’t pass out in the middle of the street. I could have been in the headlines the next day.

But that didn’t stop me from watching concerts of Brownman Revival and Sugarfree. Nothing can stop me from doing what I will (Dingdong, pahiram muna ng linya ha) haha. There’s always plenty of nightlife in Tacloban in June. You can actually drink til you drop. The whole RTR Plaza is provided for drunkards like me. hehe.   

There’s more to that. This could also a chance for you guys to visit some historical places and landmarks in Tacloban City and in some neighboring towns.

letye ph.jpg Capitolyo han Leyte san juanico bridge mcarthur.jpg

(The photo of San Juanico Bridge was taken by Sir Gerry Ruiz)

I had to to grab other photos from my former classmate Melody de Luna without her go signal. I asked for her permission, though. hehe.

This could be the perfect occasion for those who want to experience fun and excitement in this side of the region.

If you’re free this weekend, fly to Tacloban and you’ll surely have fun…

’cause once you see Leyte, you shall return!   

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