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Masks, Anyone?

October 24, 2008

Bacolod Getaway Part 2:

Masks Galore!

I was absolutely amazed when we traveled to Bacolod during the Masskara Festival. Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod boasts of its well-crafted masks, smiling masks. They come in different colors and sizes. The colors are so vibrant and the sizes range from small to giant-sized. I’m no mask fanatic. I only wore masks of my fave cartoon characters when I was a kid. But I’d say I appreciate seeing those masks in Masskara Festival. They were intricately designed. I can’t help but wonder how long it takes to make a mask.

Have you ever thought that Zorro’s mask was the best you’ve ever seen? Before you shout “yes”, lemme show you the masks that would outshine Zorro’s. So, now here are the masks! I’m sorry Zorro! Yours is quite old and obsolete! haha. You might try these masks. hehe. Bagay kaya mga to sayo? lols

(These pics were taken at Robinson’s Place Bacolod. Photos courtesy of Nash)

That was first time in Bacolod so I didn’t miss my chance to see those masks around. My officemates (Candice, Nash, Kat, & Pam) and I walked along the streets and see for ourselves the masks that we could only see in Bacolod. We even bought small masks as souvenir items. I bought mine for as low as P80 (may tawad na yun). But if you wanna grab bigger ones, you can choose more expensive masks ranging from P300 to about thousands.

It’s pretty amazing that these masks, which were once made to hide the mournful and gloomy faces of the people in Bacolod amid crisis and tragic events, made Bacolod a well-known city.

Lemme tell you one thing, though. Not only the masks, but also the people, make Bacolod worthy to be called the City of Smiles!


All Smiles in the City of Smiles!

October 21, 2008

Bacolod Getaway Part 1:

First Masskara Festival Experience

My weekend has never been this good. Ask me why. We’ve been to the City of Smiles to witness the Masskara Festival. Woohoo! Come on, guys shout with me! I’m so overwhelmed. lols.

It was on Friday when my officemate Candice told me the plan. And I just responded with a frown since my wallet can’t dispense a good amount of cash that could take me to Bacolod. Yeah, seriously. I was just drinking on Friday night out of desperation.haha. I have to thank Richelle for being so kind (for the first time).hehe. After the inuman session I went home to pack my things up. I slept around 2:00 AM and that explains why my eyes were fiery red when I woke up.

Port of Toledo City, Cebu

Port of Toledo City, Cebu

Luckily I was able to join the weekend getaway with 2 hours of sleep and shoestring budget. Good thing, we have an officemate from Bacolod. Kat was the one who invited us (or should I say them – Pam, Nash, and Candice).hehe. They didn’t know that I’ll be joining them. Nevertheless, Kat didn’t complain when she knew I’m going. woot!

So the trip went on. From Cebu City, we traveled all the way down to

Nash, Candice, & Me)

At San Carlos terminal, waiting for the van (L-F: Nash, Candice, & Me)

Toledo where we rode a barge going to San Carlos, Negros Occidental. Then we waited for the van to arrive at 10:00 AM. The trip was quite long but we arrived in Bacolod at 12 noon. Kat’s family welcomed us with warm smiles. We just had lunch, took a quick bath and hit the streets. It was my first time there. Same is true with Nash and Candice. No wonder why Nash was so excited!hehe.

Masks in different designs, colors and sizes. Blaring music. Ocean of faces. Those filled the busy and festive streets of Bacolod. I just ignored how tired and sleep-deprived I was and joined the gang in the “gala” moments. Eh gala naman talaga pinunta ko dun eh. Though Candice and I felt like we were walking zombies, we saved energy for our tour. It was so much fun exploring the city streets and feel how warm the people are. Our side trips were also fun! We checked some intereseting places and structures around (more of them in my next posts). And the food? Dude, they have the best-tasting chicken! And I have to tell you that I got a kick of listening to their “malambing” Ilonggo accent. lols.

And now, look how the gang invaded the city, smiled like the thousands of smiling masks around, and managed to erase those haggard looks on our faces!

We pose with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen!

From Left: Me, Pam, Nash, & Candice

LEX: “Dude, your mask is pretty heavy and sweaty. But it’s cool!”

Kids, smile kayo!

May maskara din kami. woot!

Here we are with the masked dudes.

See those masks? They’re electric! Cool!

The whole gang, plus Kuya Raffy, near the float.

A view from Lacson Street. Kat and Crystalle are on the far right.

(More pics to be inserted here soon)

See? We were all smiles! Of course, we should. You’d surely smile when you experience Masskara Festival. I’m leaving a promise, my first time in Bacolod WON’T be the last! Woohoo! Come on, shout with me again!

Thanks to Kat and her family – Tito, Tita, Kuya Michael, Charles, Kuya Raffy, and Crystalle – for a comfy accommodation, great food, resto treats! Thank you! Thank you!

More of our Masskara Festival experience and Bacolod side trips coming soon!…