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I am “Some”

July 18, 2008

I was trying to download the music video of Neyo’s Closer last night but I had some troubles. Limewire was acting up. I dunno what the heck was the prob. So I just ended up bloghopping and caught an interesting post of my officemate Candice

This button represents my personality.

Here’s what it means;

Engaged Idealists are extroverted and helpful. Others find them to be very congenial and inspiring – especially as they are always willing to see the best in the other person. Their humour, their energy and their optimism attract other people. Engaged Idealists are very good at communicating and are good at  convincing and firing on others. That is why it is a matter of course that they often take over the leading role in groups. This personality type often produces very charismatic persons. (Uhumm)

They always try to suit everybody and want their relationships to be harmonious and satisfactory.

“When he was a call center agent, he always shows empathy to the customers. That’s the reason why he often gets good CSAT (customer satisfaction) surveys from them. Just don’t count the sup calls, though”. – Gen, Former Trainer

They are tolerant and generous towards others

“Lex is very generous. I used to ask load from him before. But when he lost his phone last March, he didn’t bother to send me his new number.” – Tina, Cousin

As Engaged Idealists are very considerate, there is the danger of them sacrificing and overexerting themselves for others.

Kuya is so good. I asked him to pay the rental and our bills this month ’cause I bought a new CP and some stuff. Now, I think he’s broke and doesn’t have something to eat this weekend.” Emily, Cousin

Their perfectionism also influences their love life – they look for the perfect relationship for life.

Alam ko dalawa pa lang naging GF nyan. Hopeless romantic nga mokong na yan eh. He’s been serious with his relationships. Pero pag na-bad trip at tinopak, he calls it quits without a formal closure.  He’s now single, waiting for the girl destined for him. Maniwala ba sa destiny! Tsk, tsk” Rodel, Friend

However, should they get involved with the wrong person, it can happen that they allow themselves to be exploited for a long time before they end the relationship.

“We had a great time together until he left for work in Cebu. I promised that I’ll wait for him. But I realized that I can’t be so faithful. He has been tricked! Napakalaki nyang tanga!
Ayessa, Ex-GF 

In their job, they therefore have to be very careful not to develop a burnout syndrome.  

“Lex can work under pressure. He can talk to irate callers with a smile. But I heard him say “Peste ka!” when the caller hang up. Good thing QAs weren’t barging in.”
Rence, Former Mentor

These subjects could interest you
art (I used to draw X-Men characters when I was a kid), politics (I wonder who’ll be the next President, Mike Arroyo?), environmental protection (A blogger friend and I were actually talking about global warming and all that), nature (I so love going outdoors, climbing trees.hehe) , travel (Yeah. I traveled around the world in my dreams)

(Ngeeks! Bat kaya ala ang music dito? Hmm)

Most, if not all, qualities mentioned are true. I was actually surprised with the accuracy of the results. 

Interested? Try this!