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Intruder of the Month

December 13, 2008
I get a kick of reading Intruder of the Month entries on FHM. It’s where readers can send their pics ruined by a so-called intruder. Basically, it’s not the real subjects who would become the “bida” in the pic but the one who stole the limelight from them. Sounds cool, right?
Of course, it would piss you off at first. But then, you’d later realize that there are really some people who are
camwhores. And mind you, they’ll do everything to ruin your moment. Well, my officemates and I became victims of an intuder in one unfortunate event. Here’s the entry that I sent to FHM through email. Take a look at this pic. This is definitely not for the faint of the heart. lols.
WARNING: The following picture may not be suitable for very young readers. Parental Guidance is recommended. lols
Ako ba pinagtatawanan nyo ha?
INTRUDER: Ako ba pinagtatawanan nyo ha?

The original text that I sent:

I was enjoying my first Masskara Festival experience in the City of Smiles, Bacolod, with my officemates when this photo was taken. Our smiles turned into frowns when this “unwanted subject” passed by suddenly and made us his background. How’s that for destroying our moment? We had to do take 2 and make sure that no one would steal our smiles again.

Of all the Intruder of the Month entries that I read on FHM, I didn’t see something as hilarious as our pic. Some entries had intruders on the side or at the back of dudes having their pics taken but I didn’t see someone (as kapalmuks as the intruder in our pic) appear in front.
I wanted to share this picture to all the readers and show how worse intruders can get. I’m sorry if I sound so mean here. But that’s the way it should be. lols. That dude really pissed us off. What’s worse is that he didn’t bother to apologize for what he did. Grrr…I even saw that “Yehey, I ruined your pic” look on his face. He must be really glad right now because his face got featured on FHM’s December issue as the Intruder of the Month. lols.

From FHM to HP

October 14, 2008

It has been ages since I last read a book. Yeah, a book. The last book that I read was The Da Vinci Code. And I bought a copy almost a year after its release. Fine, you can shoot me for that! LOL. I didn’t feel like reading it at the height of the controversy. haha. I’ve been to National Bookstore and Powerbooks many times but didn’t feel like buying one of the bestsellers. BTW, what are the bestsellers these days? lol.

But when I dropped by Odyssey one time and saw a copy of Maxim (with Roxanne Guinoo on the cover), it didn’t take me a minute to decide. lols. It was so enticing to see her on the cover and she made me stop and smell her flowers. lol. Don’t get me wrong guys. Her upper body was actually covered with flowers. I collected FHM issues before but it’s only now that I started collecting Maxim. And now my boardmate exchanged his FHMs to my Maxims. I won’t tell which is better, though. I hate to compare things. lols. Uhm, on second thought I’ll say they’re better than Playboy Philippines.hehe

At long last, I decided to buy a Paulo Coelho book last Friday since I’ve got nothing to do on weekends than “kain-tulog”. I bumped into my two officemates Line and Cel at National Bookstore. Cel knows for a fact that I want to read the final Harry Potter book since I’ve been reading her posts about Alan Rickman (Severus Snape). She asked me if I’ll buy a copy but I just shook my head and said I’ll just wait for the paperback. Imagine how long will it take. That’s how pathetic I am. I can’t buy a book (or anything) worth 1K. hehe.

Paulo Coelho, canceled. I’ll read J.K. Rowling first. hehe. I finished reading the first four chapters last night. But seeing how thick the book is makes me wonder when I’ll be able to finish it. No skipping this time. I must read it from page to page. And I’m enjoying it. I had a kick of reading how dodgy Dudley transformed into a concerned cousin. lols.

I know there are some non-Harry Potter lovers here and I know one in my blogroll (you know who you are). Don’t react or else I’ll call you a Muggle and hit you with a spell. lols. I’m sorry but this genre was introduced to me since childhood. Who would forget Mask Rider Black and some cheesy-looking Japanese superheros? I would have to add Wansapanataym and Hiraya Manawari to the long list.lols.

And yeah, FHM to HP. Now, it’s gonna be wholesome reading. How’s that for a change?