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March 6, 2009

anthology1I grew up listening to the music of Eraserheads. I’ve said that time and time again. Heck, I just can’t stop talking about them. Eheads’ music brings a certain sort of nostalgia and reminds me of my early childhood days. Eheads influenced me one way or another and they made me dream of becoming an artist myself. But apparently that dream would forever be a dream because I still don’t know how to play guitar and I don’t have my own band.lols.

Eraserheads’ first album UltraElectroMagneticPop! was released in July 1993. I was only eight years old that time. I remember myself singing Eheads’ songs while sitting on our makeshift duyan. lols. Eheads’ songs were the songs I’ve memorized next to the nursery rhymes taught in grade school.

Ligaya was their first single. The song’s theme is for grown ups but young listeners enjoyed it as well. Perhaps, it’s because the song talks about the experiences of youngsters who are starting to make pa-cute.lols. Who would forget the line: “Tatlong oras na akong nagpapacute sa’yo, ‘di mo man lang napapansin ang bagong t-shirt ko?” The first single indeed brought ligaya to their fans.

As I was growing up Eheads had more hits and their songs dominated the local alternative music. Besides, their first album became six times platinum. Talking about hits, Alapaap is one of Eheads unforgettable songs. This even became controversial. I’d rather not talk about it here. On second thought, I’ll write it here in case you guys forgot what happened. hehe. A senator, Sotto if I’m not mistaken, wanted to ban the song because it promotes drug use according to him. Eheads expressed their side and defended that the song is instead an ode to freedom. This may be explained by the lyrics: Ang daming bawal sa mundo, sinasakal nila tayo. For me, Eheads themselves give fans the natural high.

It wasn’t really expected that Eheads would be in Magasins and take the country’s music industry by storm. That is because they were rejected by some record labels before they got the chance to record their first album. Early 90’s was also dominated by pop bands. They didn’t belong to this category so starting up was not as easy as a pie for them. Eheads were even considered “not so pop” and “Pop U” became their response to those who didn’t like their music. One thing I liked about Eheads is that they break the conventions in OPM and they wrote original songs which became so-called anthems. In 1996, the first issue of the Ereaserheads official magazine Pillbox was released.

I would say Eheads’ music is for the masa. Their songs are very catchy and their musical style is genuine. This, I think, endeared their music to the public and all of their songs captivated the hearts of many Pinoys. Para Sa Masa is Eheads’ tribute to their fans who accepted and appreciated their music. This song expresses how grateful they are to their fans. “Naaalala nyo pa ba? Binigyan namin kayo ng ligaya” states how they wanted to entertain us through the music that they play.

Eheads shocked their fans when Ely announced that he will be playing his last gig in March 2002. I really didn’t expect that Ely would quit that early since they just released the album Carbon Stereoxide in 2001. Hard To Believe is one of Eheads’ sad songs and I could really describe it as emo. And that could perfectly express the way their fans felt when Ely left the band. Many Pinoys shed tears and became emotional when Eheads disbanded. I was also saddened to hear the news. That was indeed Hard To Believe.


Since the band’s last gig, people have been asking kailan? People were clamoring for a reunion concert and that finally happened last August 3o, 2oo8 when Eheads found themselves on the same stage again. That Kailan was finally given an answer but unfortunately the concert had to be cut short because of Ely’s condition. Fans can’t really get enough of Eheads so they still asked for another concert. Eheads love their fans so they we will give us what we want. I’m sure fans are excited to watch the part 2 of the reunion concert called The Final Set tonight.


This might the last time that Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raymund Marasigan would perform together. I heard Ely even confirmed that this would be their last concert. As much as we would like to see them perform together, they all have their offshoot bands; Ely is with Pupil, Raymund is with Sandwich, Buddy is with The Dawn, and Marcus is with Markus Highway. They all moved on and Eheads days are over. They are down to their last concert.

As of this writing, Eheads fans are already in the concert venue jamming with the Eheads. Actually, my officemate Marche just texted me saying “Grabe! hayop talaga ang Eheads!” Geez, I want to freak out. I also didn’t make it to their first reunion concert. I’m still unfortunate this time. I wanted to watch the concert as my birthday gift for myself. But swerte is always not on my side.

I may not be able to watch another Eraserheads Reunion Concert but I would remain their fan. I’m listening to Anthology while I’m writing this entry. That makes me feel worse.lols. I won’t forget how they influenced me and how they made an essential contribution to the local alternative music. Eheads is one of the best things to happen in the entire Pinoy music history. Rak on!



September 1, 2008

The title is one of Ereaserheads’ hits in the 90’s. I’m actually listening to it right now. And I think I don’t really need to say why I’m writing this post. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m a proud fan of Eheads.

Maraming beses ko na ring pinangalandakan sa blogosperyo yan. Bata pa lang ako eh sinasabayan ko na mga kanta nila. Hanggang ngayon laman pa rin sila ng playlist ko. Kung may mga kanta siguro na di ko pagsasawaan, sa kanila yun.

Masaya ako nung mabalitaan ko na may reunion concert sila. Pero alam ko na nun na di ako makakapunta. Walking distance lang kasi ang Manila at Cebu. Nevertheless, naging masaya na rin ako para sa ibang fans ng Eheads. Gaya ko, alam kong sabik na rin silang makitang tumugtog ulit nang kumpleto ang pinakasikat na banda nun.

Nangyari nga ang reunion concert nung Sabado. Frustrated mode ako nun kaya gumala na lang ako. Hindi ko na inisip yung concert kasi mai-inggit lang ako kina Chie at Ate Lenggai na alam kong di magpapahuli sa concert. Matagal ko na ngang sinabi kay Chie na i-share sa kin pics nya sa concert. Para sa pictyur man lang eh, maranasan ko yung certain “high”, yung feeling na nasa “Alapaap” ka habang pinapanood mo mga idol mo sa bihirang pagkakataon.

Once in a lifetime lang mangyayari ang reunion concert ng Eheads kaya nakakalungkot isipin na yun pa ang nangyari sa concert. I mean, di natapos dahil sa naging kondisyon ng bokalistang si Ely. “Hypokalemia” daw yun, medical condition kung saan mababa yung concetration ng potassium sa dugo. Kung matatandaan nyo may heart problem din sya dati. In fact, he underwent angioplasty procedure last year.

Alam ko nabitin yung libu-libong fans (at di masyadong fans). Ganun talaga eh, may mga pangyayaring di maiiwasan. Nakakapang-hinayang nga lang kasi kinailangang itigil yung concert. Pero maging masaya na lang tayo na kahit sa maikling panahon eh nakita ulit natin sila sa concert. Kahit ilang minuto lang itinagal ng concert, naging masaya naman tayo. Ipagdasal na lang natin ang paggaling ni Ely. Sana magkaroon ulit ng reunion concert kasi techinally di naman natapos. Itutuloy pa ba nila yung concert? Kailan?

Napakabata ko pa nang makilala ang Eheads. Di ko pa nga kayang bumili ng tapes nun. Di pa rin ako nakapanood ng concert nila hanggang ma-disband na nga sila. Di ko nga alam kung mararanasan ko pa yun. Makakapanood pa ba ko? Kailan?