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Reunion: Part 1

September 9, 2008

3-Way Journey

Only few of you, my blogger friends, know that I grew up in Cavite. Since some of you expressed interest in knowing my three-way (Leyte-Cavite-Cebu) journey, this would be the tell-all three-part story.haha. It’d be better to tell this here than to send hundreds of SMS whenever someone asks me. hehe.

We actually moved to Cavite in the late 80’s for reasons I can’t completely remember. I was just four years old then and I was just attending my day care classes when we left. 

I skipped nursery and kindergarten and attended Grade 1 three years after. Can I say I was accelerated? hehe. I didn’t like the first school (it’s actually called primary school) because we share the same room with the Grade 2 pupils. There was only one teacher and she was teaching all of us alternately. That was I think “multitasking”. I kept complaining that I won’t learn that way. 

After few days, my parents transfered me to a bigger (or normal) public shool. I liked it there, finally. I had my firsts, of course. My first 100 points in the exam which is usually a big deal for parents. And many other firsts. The school became a playground and a learning place for me at the same time. School days were fun because of my classmates. I actually had different set of classmates every school year. Heck, I can’t even remember all of them, especially the one who got me into a fight when I was in Grade 3 and the boy scouts who confiscated my “teks” . But I also ahd some good classmates who outnumbered the bullies, those who became my good friends.

Time passed by so quickly. We had to go back to Leyte, which I consider a strange place since I haven’t been there for so many years. I was totally brainwashed, thinking that I’m a pure-blooded Caviteno. All of my memories from Leyte were wiped out. I got upset when we went back because I already considered Cavite as my hometown.


I kept counting the years. But I really never had the chance to go back to Cavite. My parents did but I had a fat chance ’cause I was already attending high school. At first, I freaked out at school ’cause I only knew a little “Waray”.


Four years have passed and I finished high school. I went to a university in Tacloban City. Met new classmates for the next 4 years. Studied this and that. Basicallly, I became busy with the absence of my friends, classmates, and relatives in Cavite. But there was never a day that Cavite didn’t cross my mind.


At long last I earned a a bachelor’s degree after another 4 years. My initial plan is that I’ll work in Manila so I’ll be nearer to Cavite. But unfornately, my parents didn’t like the idea. Being the bunso in a brood of four, my parents want to see me every time they want to. hehe. As a masunurin son that I used to be, I did what they told me to do and decided to work in Cebu instead.

I’ve been here for more than a year. And as expected, I go home most of the times. But not to my “real”  home. Would I still be able to go back “home”? Would I still be able to meet old friends and relatives?

(to be continued…)