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Vodka No More

August 19, 2008

We had our annual company outing last Friday. And it took a week for me to decide whether I’ll post something about it or not. I hesitated because some things got out of hand, some things messed up, and some things might be so embarrassing!

My teammates and I went overnight and the drinking session lasted until the evening. We almost drank 3 cases of Red Horse and two bottles of vodka. We were still sober, not until we drank vodka. That was tragedy. hehe.  

I got so drunk that I even passed out at the poolside. I couldn’t even remember how it happened. All I can remember is that I was drinking vodka with Echel and CJ. Echel was figuring out who likes who while CJ was busy pouring that cursed drink. Take note, he was giving Echel and me a glassful but only filled the glass half-full when it was his turn to gulp.

Rex was off again with his tulug-tulugan stint.
Justin was desperately looking for rice but to no avail.
Raf was problematic with her Hellgirl look which she got when she knocked her forehead on the slide. Candice was looking so sexy on her swimsuit . ehem. CJ was in-charge of the videoke machine and the tagay. Echel amazed everyone when she removed the beer cap with her sharp teeth.
Donna was so busy watering the plants with her puke.

After that, I couldn’t remember a thing. I just remembered myself saying “I’m okay, guys. I know what I’m doing!”. Yes, I was speaking English and Tagalog. I dunno how to explain it but I find it hard to speak Bisaya when I’m drunk. An officemate, who doesn’t know that I grew up in Cavite and more fluent in Tagalog, said “Wag kang magta-Tagalog kasi di ka angayan” (Wag kang magta-Tagalog kasi di naman bagay”) haha

Ugh, how embarrassing! I didn’t ask them how they carried (or dragged) me to the cottage. Rumor has it that I even puked on their arms. I just convinced my officemate Justin, a nursing grad, not to pursue a career in nursing. How cool is that? hehe. Thanks God they didn’t take off my wet shorts and brief. haha. I was soaking wet when I slept.


After a 2-hour trip in a bus, we finally arrived at the venue somewhere down the road. LOL. The place was still devoid of people. We immediately did photo ops around the place and just waited for our lunch to be served. We were already drooling when the crispy lechon was placed on the table. After lunch, the drinking session began. Our table was quickly filled with Red Horse bottles. There were games and a lot of fun stuff. 


We also had an acoustic band, composed of my officemates. Emot (another officemate) asked me if I’d like to sing (AGAIN) a week before the outing. I wanted to sing with a band so I said yes. I already picked You and Me (Lifehouse) and Unwell (Matchbox 20). It was too late when Emot told me that the band can’t play You and Me and someone already picked Unwell. Geez, I had no choice than to sing Stigmatized (The Calling) wihout practice. hehe. I knew it! I’ll have problems with Alex Band’s falsettos. haha
After the acoustic jamming, the videoke machine became useful. Some of my officemates became singing superstars. hehe. But they had to leave in the late afternoon, except those who wanted to go overnight. The pool was all ours! We dove and slid and others who don’t know how to swim just stayed at the poolside.


Uhm, I remembered those things? Not bad for someone who got really intoxicated. LOL. I just figured out my drinking resolution. That is, I’ll never drink vodka AGAIN!haha