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Photong Ina

April 5, 2011

After few months of hiatus, I’m back! Oh yes, nagbabalik ako mga tol!

Tapos na ang mga araw ng OT at OTTY (overtime thank you). Normal na empleyado na ulet ako ngayong March at sa mga susunod na buwan. Marami na sana akong oras magblog kung di lang ako nabubwisit sa WP lately. May posts akong nakatengga kasi di ko malagyan ng pics. Such a dilemma. Grr.

WTF is happening to WP uploader? Ok fine di ganun kabilis ang upload speed ng broadband ko pero OA naman na bigla na lang magfreeze at paulet-ulet kong gawin ang proseso ng paga-upload. Nakakaurat na! SOS! I need help! 

Minsan nga lang ako mag-attach ng pics sa posts ko laking pahirap pa. Di photo blog ang tambayannilex pero minsan gusto kong magpost ng pics. Di naman siguro masamang gamitin ang blog para madiscover at sumikat di ba? LOL

I’m so pissed off. I dunno if I’m the only “lucky” WP blogger who’s experiencing this. I’ve attempted to attach pics many times but I always end up unsuccessful. Asar lang kasi kung kelan ganado na ulet akong magblog saka naman nagkaron ng hassle. Ganun yata talaga yun pag naghiatus nagkakaproblema pagbalik. ampf. Buti nga di pa sumamagi sa isipan kong magdelete ng blog. Malapit-lapit na yata.

Sana lang maayos na to. This is my first blogging home. Ayoko sanang maglayas…


Survivor Zambales: Pa-Celebrity Showdown Day 2 & 3

December 6, 2010

We enjoyed our first day in Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. I could say it’s one of the best islands I’ve been to so far. We initially planned to stay in Anawangin but it wasn’t a bad idea that we stayed in Nagsasa Cove instead.

Our second day in Nagsasa Cove started just fine. I woke up as early as 4PM. I suddenly realized I slept on the table under the pine trees but I could barely remember what happened the other night. I was glad though because I had no hangover. Others were still asleep so I just decided to hangout in the cottage and walk though the shore. It has always been a nice feeling to walk by the shore as waves rush through it. It’s like I’m shooting a music video. woot!

After few minutes the group came out of their tents and we  then prepared for breakfast. We only had coffee, cup noodles,and bread. After taking breakfast, we then roamed around the place to have a view of the sunrise. We had our pic taken everywhere! Yeah, camwhores! The sun was burning us to a crisp but that didn’t stop from enjoying it was already early noon when we got tired of striking poses.

After lunch, we started my favorite part: the inuman session. We brought bottles of Tequila all the way from Manila. (kelangan may rhyme?) Two bottles of tequila didn’t suffice so we added GSM Blue which costs P100 each in the island. No choice because there’s no effin way we can buy tequila there.

We decided to go skinny-dipping swimming before sunset so we just brought the drinks to the shore and continued our drinking stints there. Inuman on the beach while watching the sun set was classic. But one thing I didn’t like was that the water was too shallow for me. I had to go farther to get a good swim.

It was already dark when we left the shore. We just had dinner and continued the drinking session afterwards. We gathered around the bonfire that we made out of the dried twigs and leaves of pines. I also got to try to smoke shisha that Buck brought. We had a good time talking about everything under the moon and answering JP’s survey questions.  LOL. I lied down on the sand while waiting for my shot but I dozed off in no time. I was in deep sleep that they can’t wake me up to they decided JP to lift me to the tent. Errr…

The boatmen are scheduled to pick us up at 7AM so we left Nagsasa Cove as early as 9PM. Yeah, we let them wait. Lol. We headed for our next destination: Anawangin Island. We missed to check the place on our first day in Zambales so we asked the boatmen to make a quick stopover. We only stayed there for 30 minutes so we had a quick photo op and sight-seeing. I was just saddened because I never got to try trekking in the hill near the area.

We also initially planned to drop by Capones Island but we ran out of time because it was already noon and we have to be back in Manila before night. It saddened me because I heard many good things about Capones and I think it would have been a great experience if we were able to drop by.

Anyways, there has been safety precautions as well because we heard a group of travelers failed to check the island because of rough waters along the  way. Proceeding with the plan would mean buwis-buhay! Woot! Perhaps we’ll just spend more days and check Capones next time. Besides, our first time in Zambales won’t definitely be the last. I can’t wait to revisit the place where the sun meets the sky (as the sign somewhere in Zambales says).

Survivor Zambales: Pa-Celebrity Showdown

November 9, 2010

I have always loved adventures and outdoor activities. I dunno but I’m always looking for that kind of experience when I can just forget about city life and my 8-hour shift every night.   I guess I’m just so wild that I always want to be in the wilderness. Rawr! Lol. It’s not that I was raised in the so-called island Noah, but sometimes I want to explore the outdoors.

It’s my kind of adventure. The idea of being free and isolated excites me. That is the reason why my fave reality show is Survivor (not the Philippines version, though). I got so hooked up with the show that I even auditioned for Survivor Philippines’ first season. And yeah, I didn’t make it. Call me a loser now. Woot!

So when my officemate Nes, invited me to join their Zambales trip I instantly said yes without hesitation especially when I was told we won’t be going to a resort but to an island where there is no electricity and some sort of decent accommodation. That would mean we would have to camp out and cook for survival ala-Survivor castaways. Yehey!

So the trip went on and we conquered Zambales with our Survivor Zambales Pa-Celebrity Showdown.

3 days. 2 nights. 8 castaways. Survivors Ready!

The Locations: Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Island in Bgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

The Dates: October 30-November 1, 2010

The Castaways:

Buck                              Jovz                              JP

Lex                                      Rose                                  Dennis

Nes                                  Kate

Tribe Name: Tribung Pude*
* “Pude” is a term coined by Jovz and the rest of the girls. We don’t know what it exactly means. Google found no results and the etymology of the word can’t be further researched. I tried to find out what it is but I always end up getting a nasty idea. haha.

Day 1
After shift around 7:30 AM, we loaded our baggages into Buck‘s 4×4 pickup and  prepared to hit the road. It was my first time to travel to Northern Luzon and I thought it was a long trip. We arrived in San Antonio, Zambales before 1PM and picked JP who traveled all the way from Laguna. We then headed to a village called Pundaquit where we waited for a boat to take  us to Nagsasa Cove. It took more than an hour for us to get an available boat so we had some beer while we were waiting. We left Pundaquit shores at 3:30 PM and took the wavy boat ride.

As what my blogger friend, Kuya Dong, who has been in Zambales last May, told me there would be huge waves and rough waters along the way. And he wasn’t kidding when he said that. It was a good thing the weather was fine that day. We enjoyed the 1-hour ride because we passed by some sceneries of green hills and rock formations. We didn’t even realize that it was a long trip because we were amazed with what we saw and what we drank (Red Horse) along the way. FYI, all of us boys were a bit tipsy when we jumped off the boat. Or was it only me? hehe.

It was already sundown when we arrived in Nagsasa Cove. I already had a nice view of the island even if I was still on the boat. As I like asking myself, ‘Am I in New Zealand’? It was picture perfect that when you take a pic of yourself with the place in the background would make a great Facebook profile pic. Woot!

We then met Nes and Buck’s friends who came there before we arrived. We also met some locals who voluntarily offered help when we unloaded our bags from the boat. Many thanks to them especially Ate Yolly. woot! I had fun with her not only because she pronounces ‘tubig’ as ‘tupik’ but also she’s so kind that she always voluteered to run errands for us.

We never had lunch while on travel so they (because I was already drunk and wasted that time) wasted no time to setup their (because I don’t have my own) tents, and they (again, I was already sleeping) prepared the cookset and cooked chicken caldereta.

I just woke up to eat and came back to sleep after. I missed a lot that night. I totally lost sobriety that I slept on the table under the pines. They tried to wake me up but I was already dead asleep. What happened next in the island? Find out next on Day 2 of Survivor Zambales Pa-Celebrity Showdown…

Special thanks to a new friend Buck of for some of the photos!

BeD Weather

August 4, 2010

Napapadalas na ang pag-ulan ngayon. Halos araw-araw eh bumubuhos ang malakas na ulan. Sabi nga eh it’s raining elephants and dinosaurs. Este, cats and dogs lang pala.

Naalala ko nung summer eh sobrang inantay ko ang rainy season kasi di ko na matiis ang sobrang init. Dahil nga pogi lang ako at hindi ako mayaman, cannot afford akong palagyan ng aircon ang kwarto ko. Napakalaking GOODLUCK sa pagtulog nun kasi para akong nasa loob ng pugon dahil wa epek ang electric fan.  But I feel I’m freakin’ hot.  Minsan nga sa sleeping quarters na ng opisina ako natutulog para may libreng aircon. Akala tuloy ng officemates ko sa opisina na ko nakatira. Yun ang tinatawag na at home sa office.

And now here comes the rain. Eureka! Wala na akong gaanong problema sa init. Init na lang ng ulo at katawan. Noong isang araw nga lang eh umatake si Domeng at syempre todo-ulan kaya binaha ang daan papuntang office. Sobrang congested ng kalsada kaya bumper to bumper ang  traffic. Sinubukan kong pumasok pero di kinaya ng powers ng kili-kili ko kasi alam kong di magiging praktikal yun. Siguradong tatlo hanggang apat na oras ang biyahe na 15 minutes lang normally. Pag nagkataon para na akong lantang kabute pagdating sa office. Kaya ayun nangyayari ang pinaka-aasam kong pag-absent. Dahil nga nakakamiss matulog pag umuulan, hilata agad ako pag-uwi ng apartment. In no time, naghihilik na ko at super tulo na ang matamis kong laway. Takaw-tulog mode agad. Nakakatamad talagang pumasok pag umuulan eh. Pag umuulan gusto ko lang humilata at magpakasawa sa pagtulog. Sarap ng feeling na nakahiga ka lang sa malambot na kama at may katabing chicks na kamukha ni Christine Reyes at Angel Locsin at sinusubuan ka ng ubas. Hay, kung ganun eh gusto ko na maging bed-ridden. Lol. Eto po ay pawang imahinasyon lamang at malayong mangyari sa totoong buhay.

Alam ko marami din ang natutuwa sa madalas na pag-ulan ngayon. Yung mga taong kapos sa tubig at walang pambuhos ng toilet bowl. Yung mga taong naliligo lang pag umuulan. Yung mga batang trip magtampisaw at maligo sa tubig-baha. Yung mga emo na may ‘I love walking in the rain because nobody knows I’m crying’ na emote. Yung mga taong nakakarelate  sa ‘Basang-basa sa Ulan’ ng Aegis.  At higit sa lahat yung mga magsing-irog na trip maghabulan habang umuulan at may cheesy halikan at yakapan. Parang isang eksena lang sa pelikula ni Lloydie at Sarah G. Yun eh nung magkabalikan sila sa A Very Special Love. Kilig to the bones di ba? Ngayon, maniwala kang di ko napanood yun. Pfft!

Pero eto ang mas malupet. Pansin nyo ba na karamihan sa mga sex scenes sa pelikula eh ginagawa habang umuulan? Di ko nga magets kung bat ganun eh. Lemme guess. Siguro malamig lang kaya kelangan ng something hot. Something really hot. Tipong umuulan at may long shot ng lead characters na naghahabulan sa ulan. Tapos close up ng kissing scene at kakargahin ng leading man ang leading lady papasok ng kwarto. And to setup the mood, insert natin to,

Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka’t h’wag nang tumigil pa
Hatid mo ma’y bagyo, dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasamo
Pag-ibig ko’y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka…

Pagkatapos fade in sa kamay na magkahawak sa ibabaw ng kama. Tapos na ang love scene. Nakakabitin di ba?

Pwede namang ikaw na ang magtuloy nun. It’s up to you how you would turn a bad weather to bed weather. And since maulan ngayon mga marekoy at parekoy, wag kalimutang magdala lagi ng payong o kapote para makaiwas sa sakit at unexpected pregnancy. Sabi nga ni pareng Binoy, ‘bago umaksyon magproteksyon!’

Nakaw Po!

July 9, 2010

Hindi ko alam pero madalas akong mabiktima ng magnanakaw. Minsan tuloy napapaisip ako, mukha ba akong mayaman o tanga lang talaga ako? Nagtanong lang ako. Okay, I know it boils down to my stupidity. Di mo naman kelangang sagutin lalo na kung di rin maganda isasagot mo kaya ako na rin ang sumagot sa sarili kong tanong.

Nakakabwisit lang kasi sa bait (ehem) at gwapo (ehem ulet) kong to, may mga taong gusto akong pagsamantalahan. Di naman ako madamot eh. Mapagbigay ako. Nadadaan naman ako sa maayos na usapan. Kung gusto mo ng pera, bibigyan kita. Kung gusto mo ng isang bagay, ibibili kita. Kung gusto mo ang katawan ko, tara na sa Sogo!

Seriously, di ako madamot pag may pera ako.  I share my blessings kahit gano kakonti. Pag may humaharang sa kin sa sidewalk at nanghihingi ng pamasahe pauwi binibigyan ko ng P7. Wag lang yung tipong pangbook ng flight pauwi ng probinsya at ibang usapan na yun. Pag may gustong mangutang, madali din akong kausap. Yung officemate ko umutang sa kin tatlong buwan bago ako binayaran. Kung di ko pinadalhan ng death threat wala pa yatang balak magbayad yun.

Pero kahit anong gawin kong kabutihan, I won’t be good enough. Mabibiktima din talaga ako ng mga salot na magnanakaw. Halos lahat naman tayo eh narasan ng manakawan; pera, bolpen, pagkain, ulam, brief, kotse. Mula siguro sa piso ang halaga hanggang sa milyon, depende sa pangangailangan ng letseng magnanakaw. Sa magkasunod na linggo eh naging biktima ako ng mga makakati ang kamay.

Sa office…
Ninakaw na naman ang headset ko. For the nth time, may adik na namang nagnakaw. Usong-uso talaga ang nakawan ng headset sa office. Kasing-uso ng pagriresign dahil sa pressure sa pagbibenta ng laman. Sana lang di na manakaw ang pangatlo kong headset dahil libu-libo din ang halaga nun. Kung magkataon bawas sa makukuha kong backpay yun pag magresign ako. Wala akong hinala kung sino pero wag ko lang sana mahuli sa akto ang salarin at siguradong di ako magdadalawang-isip itali sa leeg nya ang chord ng headset. Gusto ko na nga sanang paghinalaan yung mga chicks na bumebeso sa kin bago umalis ng office. Baka nagiguilty kaya may kiss ako bago umalis. Ehem.  Hindi sana ako mananakawan ng headset kung nagi-issue sa kin ng locker ang kumpanya. Lagpas isang taon na ko dito pero wala pa din akong headset. WTF! &*£$%=+^”! Minsan nga naiisip kong magresign na lang. Pero dahil kelangang maging praktikal, di baleng walang locker basta kumita lang. Saka may naisip na akong solusyon. Pwede ko namang itago sa back pocket ng bag ko at dalhin sa labas ang headset. Wag lang akong papahuli sa guard at siguradong ligwak ako.

Sa boarding house…

Nabibiwisit ako sa boarding house ngayon. May bagong boarders kasi sa kwartong katabi ng sa kin. Hindi lang isa, dalawa o tatlo. Apat silang lahat at may katulong pa na nandun maghapon. Kulang na lang ng ama at one BIG happy family na sila. Okay lang naman sa kin yun kahit pagkasyahin nila sarili nila sa room for one at magmukha silang sardinas sa loob basta wag lang sana silang mambulabog at umastang sila lang ang tao sa boarding house na yun dahil kung tutuusin eh di naman talaga sila mukhang tao [evil grin]. Hehe. Pero di lang yun ang sentiment ko. Hindi pa umabot ang isang linggo mula nang lumpat sila eh nawalan agad ako ng milyon mahigit isang libo. Nasanay kasi ako dati na hindi naglalockng pinto pag nalililigo sa baba. Di ko nga namalayang may pumasok sa kwarto at nakialam sa wallet ko. Saka ko lang nalaman na kulang na pera ko nung kelangan ko ng mag-abot ng pamasahe sa driver ng FX. Laking pasalamat ko na lang at di inubos ng nagnakaw yung laman ng wallet ko. May konting awa pa yung hinayupak. Ayokong magbintang pero yung katulong ang primary suspect ko. Malakas din kasi kutob ko na pati betlogs ko gusto nyang nakawin. Kaya ngayon eh maximum security na sa kwarto ko. Balak ko na nga ding palagyan ng hidden camera para ala-Hayden Kho ang dating. Kung sakaling ko mahuli ang mga magnanakaw na yun siguradong bugbog-sarado. Ngipin lang nila ang walang latay. I’ll give them a dose of their own medicine. Rawr. Kelangan nilang  pagbayaran ang ginawa nila. Guillotine ang aabutin nila sa akin. Uhm, teka napaka-gore naman yata nun. Eto na lang [Wapak! Blag! Plak! Bog! Kaboom!]

Kaya kayo konting ingat din sa mga magnanakaw. Mahirap na magtiwala ngayon. Alam nyo naman nagkalat sila sa lipunan, meron sa mga boarding house, office, at iba pang lugar. They’re everywhere. Parng langaw lang. Alam ko nanakawan na rin kayo. Kaibigan tara kwentuhan tayo!

WB to WP!

June 26, 2010


Sori naman. Wala akong ibang maisip na intro sa entry na to kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na ang pagiging creative ko.

Ang tanong eh, nasurprise naman ba kayo? Well, siguro nakakasurprise kasi ilang dekada akong nawala sa blogosphere. Sa tagal kong di nakapagpost eh muntik ko nang makalimutan ang password ko. Nakailang subok muna ko bago ko naalalang ang password ko sa WP eh pogiako123. [kaboom]

Sa katangahan ko nga eh, nadelete na tong blog ko kung di matino yung kasunod kong gumamit ng PC sa pantry namin nung last time na log in ako. Nag-iwan na nga ng message sa Drafts ko yung mokong. May friendly reminder pa. Arrgh!

Nakalimutan mong ilog out ito!
Sayang ito kapag may nang gago! Close mo next time ha!
Tsk tsk tsk! Bad boy! 🙂

Ewan ko kung ano nangyari sa kin. All of a sudden eh nawala ang drive ko sa pagsusulat. Oo, mawala na ang drive na yun wag lang ang sex drive. Ampf. Blame it all to my effin’ work. Since nagcall center ako ulet di na ko makakuha ng oras sa pagbablog. Kahit anong gawin ko eh kulang pa rin ang oras kong gawin ang mga gusto ko. Dahil nga call boy call center agent ako, walong oras akong babad sa telepono, bawi ng walo hanggang sampung oras na tulog sa umaga. Kain, 15 mins. Ligo, 20 mins. Toothbrush, 5 mins. Bihis, 10 mins. Biyahe, 15 mins. At yung ibang bagay na di ko pwedeng banggitin dito, wag nyo na alamin dahil pwedeng quickie yun. Pag weekend naman, inom at gala ang inaatupag ko. Gudtaym and all that.

Nawalan talaga ako ng oras para magblog. Masakit man sa kili-kili pero kinailangan kong mamahinga ng ilang buwan. I needed some space. I needed oMe ganun? But now I realized that I have to make a choice. Kelangan kong pumili. Would I spend my time being with my girlfriend or updating my blog? Disregard nyo lang yung question kasi walang konek yan sa susunod kong sasabihin. Ngayon kelangan kong gawin ang isang malaking announcement na bubulaga sa sambayanang Pilipino at gugulantang sa madlang pipol. Tutal matagal na ring inactive tong blog ko, nagdesisyon na akong…


Oo, tama ang nabasa mo. Sa laki ng font na nasa taas ewan ko n a lang kung magkamali ka pang basahin yan. Matuwa ka man o hindi sa yong nabasa, wala na akong magagawa dun. Sabi nga eh, whether you like it or you like it more.

It feels good to be back. Well, di naman talaga ako nawala eh. Pasilip-silip lang ako sa mga blog nyo. Stalker lang ang dating. Namboboso sa blog. Ayoko din namang umabot ng one year ang hiatus ko. The last time I checked, September pa yung huling post ko, bago ako naging certified Ondoy Survivor.

Yun nga ang nangyari nung mawala ako. Nakaligtas sa killer flood. Eto dagdagan pa natin ha. Naregular sa trabaho kahit sobrang daming lates at abscences. Nakabili ng bagong laptop. Nadukutan ng wallet na may lamang 20k sa MRT. Nakabuntis pero walang asawa. Nanakawan ng nakasampay na brief. Nagkalagnat. Lalong gumwapo. Kayo na bahala magdecide kung alin sa mga yun ang totoo. At higit sa lahat lalo yatang lumaki ang beer belly ko. Kaya wag kang mangahas na makipagpalakihan ng tyan at tiyak talo ka.

Special mention kay FB na nagwall post sa FB ko at nangulet na bumalik na ko sa blogosphere. Parang may Oplan Anti-Hiatus yata sya. Request granted FB. Eto na ko at nagbabalik. Yehba! Reopening na to ng blog ko. Parang naluging beerhouse lang at nagbukas ulet. Kung may pera nga lang ako eh ililibre ko kayo ng tig-isang bote ng Red Horse (libreng plugging na to). Sa ngaun eh drawing muna yung beer. Cheers!