Survivor Zambales: Pa-Celebrity Showdown

I have always loved adventures and outdoor activities. I dunno but I’m always looking for that kind of experience when I can just forget about city life and my 8-hour shift every night.   I guess I’m just so wild that I always want to be in the wilderness. Rawr! Lol. It’s not that I was raised in the so-called island Noah, but sometimes I want to explore the outdoors.

It’s my kind of adventure. The idea of being free and isolated excites me. That is the reason why my fave reality show is Survivor (not the Philippines version, though). I got so hooked up with the show that I even auditioned for Survivor Philippines’ first season. And yeah, I didn’t make it. Call me a loser now. Woot!

So when my officemate Nes, invited me to join their Zambales trip I instantly said yes without hesitation especially when I was told we won’t be going to a resort but to an island where there is no electricity and some sort of decent accommodation. That would mean we would have to camp out and cook for survival ala-Survivor castaways. Yehey!

So the trip went on and we conquered Zambales with our Survivor Zambales Pa-Celebrity Showdown.

3 days. 2 nights. 8 castaways. Survivors Ready!

The Locations: Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Island in Bgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

The Dates: October 30-November 1, 2010

The Castaways:

Buck                              Jovz                              JP

Lex                                      Rose                                  Dennis

Nes                                  Kate

Tribe Name: Tribung Pude*
* “Pude” is a term coined by Jovz and the rest of the girls. We don’t know what it exactly means. Google found no results and the etymology of the word can’t be further researched. I tried to find out what it is but I always end up getting a nasty idea. haha.

Day 1
After shift around 7:30 AM, we loaded our baggages into Buck‘s 4×4 pickup and  prepared to hit the road. It was my first time to travel to Northern Luzon and I thought it was a long trip. We arrived in San Antonio, Zambales before 1PM and picked JP who traveled all the way from Laguna. We then headed to a village called Pundaquit where we waited for a boat to take  us to Nagsasa Cove. It took more than an hour for us to get an available boat so we had some beer while we were waiting. We left Pundaquit shores at 3:30 PM and took the wavy boat ride.

As what my blogger friend, Kuya Dong, who has been in Zambales last May, told me there would be huge waves and rough waters along the way. And he wasn’t kidding when he said that. It was a good thing the weather was fine that day. We enjoyed the 1-hour ride because we passed by some sceneries of green hills and rock formations. We didn’t even realize that it was a long trip because we were amazed with what we saw and what we drank (Red Horse) along the way. FYI, all of us boys were a bit tipsy when we jumped off the boat. Or was it only me? hehe.

It was already sundown when we arrived in Nagsasa Cove. I already had a nice view of the island even if I was still on the boat. As I like asking myself, ‘Am I in New Zealand’? It was picture perfect that when you take a pic of yourself with the place in the background would make a great Facebook profile pic. Woot!

We then met Nes and Buck’s friends who came there before we arrived. We also met some locals who voluntarily offered help when we unloaded our bags from the boat. Many thanks to them especially Ate Yolly. woot! I had fun with her not only because she pronounces ‘tubig’ as ‘tupik’ but also she’s so kind that she always voluteered to run errands for us.

We never had lunch while on travel so they (because I was already drunk and wasted that time) wasted no time to setup their (because I don’t have my own) tents, and they (again, I was already sleeping) prepared the cookset and cooked chicken caldereta.

I just woke up to eat and came back to sleep after. I missed a lot that night. I totally lost sobriety that I slept on the table under the pines. They tried to wake me up but I was already dead asleep. What happened next in the island? Find out next on Day 2 of Survivor Zambales Pa-Celebrity Showdown…

Special thanks to a new friend Buck of for some of the photos!

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10 Comments on “Survivor Zambales: Pa-Celebrity Showdown”

  1. Nortehanon Says:

    Uuyyyyyyyy! Ayos na ayos yan ah! Pahabol na lakwatsa bago mag-end ang 2010. You’re lucky hindi overcast ang sky. Magandang idea ang camping, tagal ko na rin hindi yan nagagawa eh. Now, you gave me an idea: pitch a tent sa yard namin hahaha!

    • beero™ Says:

      hahaha. actually may kasunod pa to baka sa batangas. naks! ano yung overcast? hehe. sana malakwatsa tayo dyan sa samar next time. di ko pa kasi gaanong naexplore ang samar eh. ayos yun sa may bakyard na lang muna. hehe

  2. dong ho Says:

    saya ah may team name pa. hahaha… dami nyo pala.

    • beero™ Says:

      oo kuya dong may tribe name talaga. haha. medyo marami nga may isang group pa nga kaming nakasama dun mga kilala lang nung kasama ko. sayang nag di kami nakadaan sa capones. tsk

  3. Basti Says:

    Wow! mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka bro.
    Sarap talaga outdoor trips!

    Anyway, sorry ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw.

  4. wei vines Says:

    waw! stig! yan pinakamasaya eh na treat sa sarili eh! pa survivor effect 🙂

  5. Gusto kong malaman ang nangyari sa day two kasi may pa-‘survivor’ ka pa Lex, eh puro paglalasing pala inatupag mo at tulog ka lang ng tulog… Anong adventure dun? In dreams? hehehehehehe… Biro lang…

    Pero tama ka, kulang na lang ng sheep, eh new zealand na new zealand na ang dating… Kung baka naman, Birch Tree!!! Ganda ng lugar…

    Kakainggit na gala!

    • beero™ Says:

      hahaha. oo nga kuya mark. medyo di nga ako gaaning nag-enjoy nung day 1 kasi nga nalasing ako. hehe.

      ganda nga dun eh. relaxing yung lugar saka maganda talaga. sana mapuntahan mo din yun.

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