Great Greetings!

Days passed by so fast. It’s my birthday again on Sunday. I want to write many things before Sunday. I just want to post bits of info about the people and things that I should be thankful for before I’ll get one year older. But I barely have time to update this blog this week.

If my leave request will be approved, I’m going home this Monday night to pay my last respect to my lola. The interment would be on Saturday but I want to be there on the last nights of her wake. And the day after, it would be my birthday. I could not celebrate it the usual way. I mean, there won’t be booze and videoke singing. But the good thing is that I’ll spend it at home with my family.

By the way, I want to ask something from you guys. I’d like to ask picture greetings from you. It could be a simple pic showing “Happy Birthday Beero” or something. I just got this idea from other bloggers. It’s your own diskarte. You can show up in the pic or stick to your anonymity. You can have your blog’s theme or anything that best describes your own blog. It could be like this:

Neyo's Pic Greeting

Please send them to on or before Sunday. I’ll be posting them here when I get back. Thanks! I’ll be checking your blogs soon…

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11 Comments on “Great Greetings!”

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  2. dong ho Says:

    ill definitely send in a photo greeting! hoping that youll be able to go home that time.

    @kuya dong: thanks kuya dong!

  3. lawstude Says:

    sige try ko to create one for you. happy birthday in advance beer0.

    @kuya oman: thanks kuya oman!

  4. Nyahaha! Balak ko din ‘tong gawin sa berdei ko! *LOLz*

  5. ced Says:

    dito na lang!
    advance happy beerday! hehehe

  6. revsiopao Says:

    Advance Happy Birthday Beero!

    Again, rest assured of my prayers for the eternal repose of your lola.

  7. Basti Says:

    advance happy birthday bro…
    at least kahit papano makakauwi ka at makita at makasama mo ang family mo lalo na ang lola mo bago sya tuluyang humimlay.

    di bale madami ka pang birthday na darating at icecelebrate!

  8. coolwaterworks Says:

    Happy birthday Lex!

  9. Geisha Says:

    ayan! happy birthday! 😀

  10. gusto mo ng ka-inuman? i-PM mo lang ako

    Sorry hindi na ako nakakainom dahil sa sakit ko.

    pero gusto ko ka exchange link d2 sa site ko

    pwede ba?

    email me or comment me sa blog ko

  11. azul Says:

    belated hapi beerday po!

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