Bad News…Mourning

My cellphone acted up again lately so I had to bring it to the service center. Well, it’s some sort of keypad malfunction. The scroll key was no longer working. I guessed it would only take days for the technician to repair the poor phone. But I was mistaken because it took almost 2 weeks.

I missed everything about my phone. It’s the only gadget that I have, plus my digital camera. It was such a hassle to live a day without my cellphone. You know, I use it as an alarm clock. When I hear “Booty Music” at 7:45, then it’s time for me to wake up. When I get terribly bored, I use it to play my fave songs and videos. I have four playlists, music videos, and movie trailers in it. I use it to check emails and blog comments. Yeah, it’s not high-end phone but it’s got WAP.

And the worst thing to happen when I don’t have my phone with me? No text messages and calls from my family and friends. Text life is all that I have. It’s like I’d go crazy and die of boredom without it. My parents were actually worried. They started to freak out because the last time that they heard something from me was two weeks ago. They tried to call me but, of course, I was out of coverage. Days after I brought my phone to the service center, I texted my bro using my officemate’s phone but unfortunately he didn’t receive it. And that’s why I missed to know the bad news right away.

My lola died on Thursday. I just knew it last night when I finally got my phone back from the service center. I was saddened. I wasn’t expecting the news. I really never had an idea that it happened. I know that my lola has been sickly for the last few months. She’s been in and out of the hospital recently. But I thought she’d still fight. 

I’d definitely miss her. I’m not her favorite  apo but I know she cared for me and my siblings. She’s now in our dwelling place with my lolo. It’s really sad because it’s my birthday next Saturday. Imma spend it mourning her death.

I want to go home as soon as possible because I know my lola wants me to be there. I’m also worried about my mom. She has a heart problem and it’s very hard for her to deal with this. She’s quite emotional. When my lolo died years ago,  she passed out a couple of times. I wanna be by her side and console her.

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10 Comments on “Bad News…Mourning”

  1. lawstude Says:

    condolences beero. rest in the consolation that another angel now is watching over you.

  2. Basti Says:

    Oh… that’s the bad thing about when one thing gets broken, the rest seems to follow. But I’m sure God will heal your heart sooner than you expect, and your lola is in a much better place now. Perhaps god didn’t want her to suffer more and gave her the gift of rest.

    My condolences to you and your family bro…

  3. the scud Says:

    i discovered your blog a few days ago while blog hopping. great blog you have here. and condolence for your loss.

  4. coolwaterworks Says:

    My condolences Lex… I believe that we mourn because we will miss our loved ones and we will not be with them for a while. But in the other corner of our hearts, we should also find the solace of joy in the thought that where our departed loved ones are now, there is no pain, no sorrow, no suffering – only endless happiness…

    My prayers are with you and your mom…


  5. azul Says:

    deep condolences…

  6. Jhaynee Says:

    beero nasabi ko na to sayo sa ym.. my condolences.. alam kong kakayanin ng pamilya mo ang dagok na to.. isipin mo na lang masya na syang kasama ni papa god

  7. revsiopao Says:

    Please accept my deepest condolences Beero.
    Prayers for the eternal repose of your lola.
    May she rest in peace.

  8. Winkie Says:

    late na pero condolences po.

  9. brotherutoy Says:

    my sympathies for you and your family as you mourn the loss of your lola. my prayers for the eternal rest of her soul. God bless!

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