We don’t feel what they feel…

We don’t know how hard they fight the battle for survival…

We don’t know what they’re going through…

We don’t know how they rejoice in each second that they could still breathe…

We don’t know that they hold on to life by the thinnest of thread…

That’s how cancer patients live. Every second counts. Every day is something they should be thankful for.    

We don’t need to feel how they feel. All we have to show them is EMPATHY. They need US. They need to feel that WE care. They need to see HOPE in us and show that we’re fighting with them.

When my blogger friend IFM asked if I could write something about Cancer Awareness Month, I hesitated at first because it’s something I’ve never written before. The topic is new to me. I just said I’ll inform her if I’ll be able to post an entry about it. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just that I thought I won’t be able to write a decent entry. But finally I decided to give it a try. The entry doesn’t have to be lengthy and impressive. I just have to put my heart into it.

I’ve been a constant visitor of a public hospital before. That was my task as a reporter intern in a radio station 2 years ago. I go straight to the hospital every night, after leaving the station. That was my beat – hospital report. I had to interview the relatives of the patients and even the patients themselves so I could have something to report in an early news program the next day.

Imagine yourself surrounded by patients with different illnesses. Some are even dying. What would you feel? That was never easy. I’ve seen people die. I’ve heard people weep. I’ve witnessed people fight for their lives until the last breath.

Empathy. That was something that I’ve shown in all of my interviews. I’ve always wanted to feel what other people feel. I’ve always wanted them to feel that I’m not there to get some news about vehicular accidents or murder cases and that I’m there to listen to their stories. I haven’t encountered a cancer patient yet but I think I would feel the same towards them.


Cancer is a disease that can hardly be cured. We think of helplessness, and death. We think of chemotheraphy. Expensive medicines. But the best treatment they could get is OUR prayers.   

I dedicate this entry to the cancer patients, and those who have died of this disease. To the cancer survivors, continue to share hope and faith to the people who are suffering from it.

This Cancer Awareness Week, let us continue to inspire and touch the lives of cancer patients.  

Fight Cancer! Prevent it. Detect it. Treat it RIGHT!

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10 Comments on “Empathy”

  1. revsiopao Says:

    Bravo kapatid!
    Naisama na kita sa updated list ko of those who have already joined the ‘blog caravan’.


    Cheers. God bless!

  2. Says:

    parang seryoso lang naman siya.
    kaka-antig ng puso.
    yoko tuloy mag-comment. lols
    tama nga yan, prevent cancer.
    umiwas sa barbeque at iba pang carcinogenic substances.

  3. King Says:

    Kasangga sa advocacy na ito!

  4. Jorge Says:

    Galing naman! Salamat sa pagshare ng info..


  5. dong ho Says:

    it’s nice to know that more and more people support this call for awareness.

  6. lawstude Says:

    great post bro. katulad mo, alam ko ang sakit na ito pero di talaga masyado pinapansin ‘coz luckily wala pa naman ako kaibigan o kapamilya na nagsuffer sa ganitong sakit. pero talagang masakit ang mga pinagdadaanan ng mga may sakit nito at mga kaibigan atpamilya nila so dapat lang talaga tayong makiisa sa mga makabuluhang programa tulad nito.

  7. walongbote Says:

    cancer awareness nga pala ngayon eh noh.. sayang di ako makapagparticipate.. anyway.. empathy is really what we can give to our patient, because sympathy is different way around.. that’s in psyciatric nursing 🙂 very nice post.. 🙂

  8. hisnameisdencios Says:

    very informative. oo nga cancer awareness nga. mas magandang ma inform tayung lahat kung gusto nating makatulong sa kapwa at magkaron pa ng mahabang buhay =)

  9. coolwaterworks Says:

    Good thing that you supported this cause…

    Maiba ako – you used to be a reporter intern… Full pledged na ba ngayon? 🙂

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