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Oks na Ox

January 30, 2009

I was born in 1985. Year of the Ox daw yun sabi ng mga katulad kong year of the oxChinito.lols. Dahil nga Year of the Ox din ngayong 2009, umaasa akong magiging ayos at olrayt ang predictions at forecasts sa aming pinanganak sa year of the Ox. Sana man lang makatikim ako ng swerte ngayong taon, hindi yung puro na lang kamalasan ang dumadating sa buhay ko. lols.

Medyo na-disappoint ako sa mga nabasa kong forecasts sa mga Piscean na pinanganak under Year of the Ox. Halos salungat kasi lahat sa mga gusto kong mangyari sa karir at lab layp. Parang kontrabida lang yung predicition eh. Please, I wanna be happy once in my life. Hayaan mo na akong sumaya. Hayaan mo na akong umasenso. Hayaan mo nang makuha ko mga gusto ko. lols. Tama na nga. Para na akong schizo eh.

Minsan akong gumala sa SM bago mag-Chinese New Year at nakita kong may pinagkakaguluhan ang mga tao sa may lobby. At syempre pa nakigulo rin ako! Akala ko pa naman may namimigay ng tikoy. Yun pala may nakadikit na tarpaulin thingy at may nakaprint na Chinese Zodiac. At syempre pa, kumpleto lahat – may Year of the Pig, Year of the Rat, Year of the Snake, Year of the Butterfly, Year of the Moth. Teka, parang ala na yata nun eh. Kinarir ko talagang i-type at i-save sa cellphone ko yung nakasulat. Share ko na lang sa inyo yung traits ng mga taong pinanganak sa Year of the Ox gaya ko. Wag lang kayong umangal pag may nabasa kayong “handsome” at “intelligent”. Wala na akong magagawa dun kasi isa na ako sa mga living proof. Oh sya, bago pa kayo tuluyang matangay ng malakas na “hangin”, eto na…

Oxes are the ones who work hard and gets things done, diligent and has a strength of purpose (uhm, meron nga ba?). Their persistence of people born in the year of the Ox is such that they won’t stop until they have finished the job at hand. No party animals (baka sila! I know how to party! woot!), they are often quiet at gatherings. Impulsive when angry, they often desire to get back to people who have wronged them (syempre naman. Lintik lang ang walang ganti. lols)

CAREER. The Ox is great at crafting methods and schemes. Hardworking and patient (mahaba pasensya ko. Wag nga lang sasagarin dahil masama akong magalit) when faced with a task, the Ox just goes at it until he or she gets the desired result. The Ox is also very observant and blessed with a good memory (thankful ako dito kasi naipasa ko exams ko nung college, except Algebra. Hirap kayang magmemorize ng formulas). He or she is most likely to remember the person introduced in a party or gathering (in my case, totoo to. Kaya ko pa silang ipa-cartographic sketch). Due to their being highly intelligent (uhm, kayo na ang bahalang humusga. Sana lang positive judgment. hehe), they can be great surgeons (humanda ka na Belo. May pamatay na ko sa tagline mo – Only Beero touches my skin! Who touches yours? Oh ha!)

RELATIONSHIP. As a friend or lover, the Ox is reserved and quiet (quiet talaga kasi ala naman talagang lab layp. lols). Often like a big lug, the Ox is not demonstrative of his or affections (oh, di kami mahilig sa PDA). Even though the Ox is reserved, he or she is caring and his or her emotions run deep and they are capable of love that most people never knew existed (ano naman kayang klaseng love yun? Interesting!). The Ox is very family oriented.

Agree ba kayo mga Ox? Mooooo….Agree daw sila! Holy Cow!


Sinulog Festival Experience Year 2

January 24, 2009

sinulog festival3

Pit Senyor! I dunno what it exactly means and the history behind it. Of course, because I’m not a native Cebuano (this is the only excuse that I know). But I know it’s something that is said to honor Sto. Nino., which is the reason why Sinulog Festival is celebrated every year here in Cebu. I bet you already heard that because it’s the chant that we ususally hear during the Sinulog Festival.

sinulog festival 2009 

sinulog festival2

Days before the festival, you would hear ethnic music with that certain chant almost everywhere in Cebu – in food chains, malls, department stores, restaurants, etc. That’s how they set the festive mood here. It’s like the LSS during the Sinulog season. And I love it!hehe.

sinulog festival 2009

sinulog festival8

Sinulog Festival is something that I don’t wanna miss here in Cebu despite of all the not-so-nice things that one must go through. Looking back on what I experienced last year, I knew it’s gonna be exhausting as usual.  

sinulog festival 2009

sinulog festival 2009

Here are the 10 things that discourage me to watch:

1) I would have to walk few miles.

2) I would have to prepare myself for a possible stampede.

3) I would have to bring lots of hankies and buy bottles of mineral water.

4) I would have to prepare myself to sniff smelly armpits.

5) I would have to brace myself for the possibility of being sick the next day.

sinulog festival 2009

sinulog festival 2009

6) I would have to be patient whenever someone steps on my feet. 

7) I would have to join the long queue in the food chains and have my lunch a bit late.  

8) I would have to run for cover when the scorching sun is burning me to a crisp and would make me have have that “Neyo-and-Usher-like” skin.

9) I would have to realize that I’m only 5 feet-something and feel self-pity when a giant stands in front of me. 

10) I would have to pretend there’s no malice when a girl rubs her b**bs on my back. lols.

sinulog festival 2009

sinulog festival 2009

But like what I did last year, I spent the entire day in the streets and joined the eager spectators who flocked to the sidewalks to watch the Mardi Gras and street-dancing. With my friends Raf and Candice, I wandered along the streets as early as 9 AM.  I was already sweating profusely when we finally found a place where we could have a good view of the contingents. And yeah, the parade started and we saw ’em all strutt their stuff. lols.

sinulog festival9  

sinulog festival6 

sinulog festival8

I just wanna share these pics to those who missed the festival. Forgive my highlow-end digicam for producing clearblurry pics (or was it me who failed to adjust the settings). And forgive my poor framings and compositions. I’m no pro photographer. lols. 

sinulog festival4

sinulog festival5

 At the end of the day, I was dead tired again. I didn’t even want to watch the fireworks display and laid flat as soon as I got home. The idea of having dinner on time didn’t interest me at all and I zonked out right after I took off my shirt and pants. Nuff said. I’m not complaining here. Watching Sinulog Festival would always be a great experience. And when the time comes that I would have to leave Cebu, I’ll keep coming back for Sinulog and say “Pit Senyor!”. woot!

sinulog festival 2009


January 20, 2009

We don’t feel what they feel…

We don’t know how hard they fight the battle for survival…

We don’t know what they’re going through…

We don’t know how they rejoice in each second that they could still breathe…

We don’t know that they hold on to life by the thinnest of thread…

That’s how cancer patients live. Every second counts. Every day is something they should be thankful for.    

We don’t need to feel how they feel. All we have to show them is EMPATHY. They need US. They need to feel that WE care. They need to see HOPE in us and show that we’re fighting with them.

When my blogger friend IFM asked if I could write something about Cancer Awareness Month, I hesitated at first because it’s something I’ve never written before. The topic is new to me. I just said I’ll inform her if I’ll be able to post an entry about it. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just that I thought I won’t be able to write a decent entry. But finally I decided to give it a try. The entry doesn’t have to be lengthy and impressive. I just have to put my heart into it.

I’ve been a constant visitor of a public hospital before. That was my task as a reporter intern in a radio station 2 years ago. I go straight to the hospital every night, after leaving the station. That was my beat – hospital report. I had to interview the relatives of the patients and even the patients themselves so I could have something to report in an early news program the next day.

Imagine yourself surrounded by patients with different illnesses. Some are even dying. What would you feel? That was never easy. I’ve seen people die. I’ve heard people weep. I’ve witnessed people fight for their lives until the last breath.

Empathy. That was something that I’ve shown in all of my interviews. I’ve always wanted to feel what other people feel. I’ve always wanted them to feel that I’m not there to get some news about vehicular accidents or murder cases and that I’m there to listen to their stories. I haven’t encountered a cancer patient yet but I think I would feel the same towards them.


Cancer is a disease that can hardly be cured. We think of helplessness, and death. We think of chemotheraphy. Expensive medicines. But the best treatment they could get is OUR prayers.   

I dedicate this entry to the cancer patients, and those who have died of this disease. To the cancer survivors, continue to share hope and faith to the people who are suffering from it.

This Cancer Awareness Week, let us continue to inspire and touch the lives of cancer patients.  

Fight Cancer! Prevent it. Detect it. Treat it RIGHT!


January 18, 2009

This blog turned ONE year old on January 10. Yeah. A week ago. lols. One week late na tong anibersari entry ko.

Yaahooo! D ko akalain na aabot ng 1 year ang tambayannilex. Maraming beses na rin kasi akong nawalan ng drive na magsulat at maraming beses na rin akong nag-hiatus. Pinakamatagal siguro eh dalawang linggo. Andun yung tinamad ako at busy sa career (kung meron man), love life (magpretend ba) at yung pinaka-common na dahilan, drain ang utak at walang maisulat. Pero di ko alam kung anong meron sa blogosphere. Nakaka-adik . Babalik-balikan mo talaga.

Malaking karangalan na sa isang pipitsuging blogger na gaya ko ang makaabot ng isang taon. Masaya na akong may mangilan-ngilan pa akong regular readers na nagbabasa ng walang-kwenta kong posts. Ipinagmamalaki kong sabihin na sa loob ng isang taon, di pa nabokya ang hits ko. Ang yabang eh no.

Nakakatawang alalahanin nung baguhan pa lang ako. Di na bago sa kin ang blogging nang ginawa ko ang tambayannilex. Bago ko pa kasi ginawa to may blog na ko na pinagawa sa opis namin para writing exercises namin. Pero ibang dimensyon ng blogosphere ang sumalubong sa kin nang gawin ko ang blog na to. Mas malaki. Mas nakakahilo. Mas mas nakakakaba. Mas masalimuot. May ganun?

Isang tao ang dapat kong sisihin pasalamatan kung bat nagawa ang blog na to. Si Kuya Bosing. Sya yung naging idol ko nung nagsimula ako. Kaya mapapansin nyo marami rin akong humor gone bad posts. Yun eh paghahangad na maging nakakatawa ang posts ko gaya ng kay Kuya Badoods at makagawa ng malupet na punchlines. Pero sadya talagang di ako likas na joker at parang ipinaglihi ako sa sama ng loob kaya di ko magawang magcrack ng jokes at magbitaw ng punchlines. Kaya eto, laos pa rin pero kahit pano buhay pa rin si Beero. Maraming tenk yu Kuya Badoods!

Para akong timang nang nabuo ang blog na to. Di ko alam kung san ako magpo-focus. Di ako magaling magpatawa. This can’t be a humor blog. Di rin ako magaling maglitrato. This can’t be a photo blog. Di rin ako makabiyahe. This can’t be a travel blog. Di ko alam kung san ako lulugar. At the end, ito nga ang kinalabasan – halo-halo espesyal. Kung anek-anek ang pinagsusulat ko. Produkto ng magulo kong pagi-isip. Nagpost ako ng mga karanasan ko (masaya, malungkot, nakakatawa, nakakaiyak), mga nararamdaman ko (galit, saya, hinanakit, himutok).

Nagpost din ako ng mga movie reviews, travel adventures, inuman sessions, mga paborito, at mga natutunan at karanasan. Ang dami. I also stepped out from my comfort zone at nagpost ng medyo erotic – ang – Malena: Totoy’s Confession. Isang patunay na marami ang mahihilig sa erotic posts dahil yun ang naging most-viewed entry ko with over almost 1000 hits and still counting.

Pinakita ko na rin mukha ko. Kumalat na rin ang complete name ko. Wala na akong tinago. lols. Di na ko nagpaka-anonymous. Desperate move yun para lalong dumami magbasa ng blog ko. Pero ang kinalabasan? Negatib. Lalong nawala ang mga readers. lols.

Di naging madali sa kin ang maging newbie. Nahirapan akong hubugin ang pangalang “BEERO”. Maraming beses akong naglurk sa blogs ng sikat na bloggers. Nag-iwan ng comment sa ibang blogs. Pero ni minsan di ako nagcomment ng “nice blog. ex-links”. Pfft! Para sa kin isang krimen yun. lols. That is so lame.

Pagkalipas ng ilang araw may bloggers na naligaw sa blog ko. Isa. Dalawa. Tatlo. Yehey to the max! Sa wakas di na laging flat ang stats ko. lols. At nung tumagal lalong dumami ang links sa blogroll ko. Pero yung iba nakipag-ex links lang talaga at nung kalaunan eh nawala din. Ok payn! Pero may mga nagparamdam ulet at nakipagpalit kaya rakrakan pa rin!

Isang balita ang bumulaga sa kin nung April 17. May nag-plagiarize raw ng 2 entries ko. Akalain mo yun, may nanggaya ng entries ko. What an achievement! lols. Hanggang ngayon di ko pa alam kung ano naging motibo nya sa pagkopya ng mga yun. Baka wala lang talaga syang material at pinagtyagaang kopyahin ang mga yun. Baka naman gusto nya ang writing style ko (asa pa). O baka naman crush na lang talaga ako at nagpapansin lang sya. Ano sa tingin mo? lols. Ano man ang naging intesyon nya, tenk yu na rin kasi naabot ko ang pinakamataas na hits ng blog na to. Oo, naging masaya na ko sa 220 hits nung araw na yun. lols.

Napakararami na ng sinabi ko ah. Gusto ko lang namang magtenk yu sa aking sponsors. lols. Salamat sa naging kaibigan kong bloggers. Di ko akalain nakakilala ako ng virtual friends. Medyo marami naman kayo. May mga kachat na ko. May mag katext. Hanggang dun lang. Wag munang lumebel-up, wokei? I would like to thank the bloggers who have been with me through ups and downs, thick and thin, left and right, over and under, high and low, etc:

Teresa . Ang soulmate ko sa blogosperyo. Oh ha! Kumbaga sa showbiz ako si Luis Manzano at sya si Anne Curtis. Wapak! Bininyagan ko syang Ma. Leonora Teresa. Oo. Nag-eport akong pahabain ang name nya. Kapangalan na nya yung manika nina Guy at Pip. Tenks sa regalo mong bagong header. I lurve it! lols. | Rio. (a.k.a. Pink Ranger searching for Blue Ranger) Pinamakulet na dentistang nakilala ko. Ang “marekoy” ko sa blogosphere. Tenks. | Ced. Tenks sa libreng consultation pag nagkaka-food allergy ako. hehe. Sana may libreng gamot din. lols. | Ferbert. Lil bro ko sa blogosphere. Sabi nga nila, ang mahalay pero di bastos. Gifted with talent sa pagpapatawa. | Geisha. Malupet na blogger. As in malupet. Mapapa-OMG ka sa mga posts nyang nakakasindak. lols. Ang blogger na nagsabing angelic daw boses ko. Wapak! | Jeck. Isa sa mga una kong nakilala at naging kasa-kasama sa blogospehere. Tenks dude! | Weivines. Isa sa pinamatagal ko nang kakilala. | Watusiboy. Matagal na ring kakilala sa blogosphere. | Y. Blogger from US na naging kasundo. Miss ya Y!

Tenks sa mga Kuya at Ate ko sa blogosphere. | Kuya Dong. One of the most brilliant bloggers I’ve met. Tenks for sharing your travel adventures. | Kuya Oman. The traveling lawyer. Isa din sa mga tinitingala kong bloggers. Idol ko sa photography. |  Kuya Kuri. Ilan sa mga bloggers na nag-add sa kin sa FS. Napaka-friendly na tao nito at pati family nya kilala ko na rin. | Kuya Madbong. Tenks sa mga kwento mo galing sa ibang bansa. | Ate Cams. My wan and onli ate in blogosphere. Tenks at di mo ko iniwan. lols.

Tenks sa mga Greenies. | Popoy. Unang blogger na na-add ko sa FS at nakapalitan ng number. Nakasundo ko dahil sa hilig namin sa RNB. | Lethalverses. Malupet na modern poet. Bilib ako sa writing style nito. | Chie. Ang blogger na nagsabing “idol” nya ko. Di ko lang alam kung sa anong  aspeto. For sure di sa blogging yun. | Gasdude.  Ang gasoline dude turned modern-day hero. | Damdam. Una kong nakakulitan sa Plurk. Tenks sa kulitan natin. hehe

Tenks sa mga malulupet na bloggers na nakilala ko – Kingdaddyrich, Xienah, Gasti, Coolwaterworks, Vera, Leyn, Pinaybrodkaster, Lyzius, Rimewire, Ayz.

Tenks sa mga bago kong friends. Broutoy, Revsiopao, Ifoundme, Jorge, Dencios, Cindyrella, Jhaynee. Welkam to my world!

Tenks sa mga napadaan dito. Randomdemeanor, Lilmiz, Ellieshe, Macki, MangBadoy, Batanggero, at Ice.

Sa mga nakalimutan ko, salamat na rin. Pagod na akong mag-insert ng links. Sori naman!

Di ko alam ang mangyayari sa susunod na isang taon. I really don’t know. Baka mawala ako. Baka andito pa rin. Baka sumikat. Pero kelan man di ko hinangad na sumikat lalo na sa showbiz. lols. Masaya na ko sa ganito. Yung naii-share ko sa inyo yung laman ng puso at isipan ko with no hesisation, pressure, or whatsoever.lols. Sabi nga ng prof ko nun, “write to express and not to impress”. Siguro yan ang dahilan kung bat andito pa rin ako. lols.

Reunion: Part 3

January 9, 2009

10 Years After


When my former classmates Macoy and Lovely told me that there will be a school reunion in SRES (San Roque Elementary School) on December 27, I told myself  “This is it!”. That would mean I would get to see them (plus other old friends and classmates) after a decade. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time so I thought it’s the right time to bridge the distances between us and reunite for a class reunion in Cavite. lols!

I started planning (and saving almost every cent I can see) since September for my plane tickets. My parents had no complaints about it. Of course, I’ll be spending my own money. hehe. However, I could barely send them remittances during the process.lols.

It was in November when they informed me that the coordinator who was supposed to arrange everything for our batch failed to do his task. That would mean there would be no booth, no food, and no drinks for our batch. We’ll just be drooling over other batches’ food and drinks! Whoah! At first I was tempted to cancel the trip but Macoy was able to convince me to attend. I just hoped everything would still fall into place. Actually, Macoy didn’t need to persuade me ’cause I’ll be there no matter what. Besides, it’s only them (Macoy, Lovely, Aileen, Jervin, and my bestfriends Harold and Mean) that I wanted to meet because I can’t completely recall the others. hehe.

The Grand Alumni Homecoming started with a motorcade but I didn’t bother going to the school that early. What for? picture-2712Nuff said. I can sense resentment here. lols. I just can’t help it ’cause we’ve waited long enough for this for 10 years but it didn’t turn out the way we expected. Argh!

[Nakakapagod mag-English]

Tanghali na ko pumunta sa school around 11AM siguro. Inantay ko muna si Macoy sa may gate ng mga 30 minutes. Busy din kasi sya at ang ermat nya na coordinator ng Batch 72. I haven’t met this dude for many years. In-add ko sya sa FS a year ago pero ala kaming ideya pareho na naging magclassmate kami. Nung September ko lang siguro nalaman. Pero di naman kami nagkailangan nung magkita kami sa gate ng school. You can really be comfortable with an old friend. Nagkwentuhan kami habang nilibot yung dati naming tambayan. Bago na yung rooms namin nun. Malaki na rin ang pinagbago ng school. Pagkatapos tumambay kami sa booth ng Batch 72. Ayos para na rin naming kabatch eh. Sabi ko nga parang di lang kami tumanda. lols.

picture-3014After an hour dumating sila Aileen, Lovely, at iba kong classmates. Yikee! Nasa likuran ako ng classroom nun kasi naihi ako.lols. Nagtanong agad sila, “Asan na si [insert my full name here]?”. Then, it was sort of a dramatic entrance. haha.Binigay agad sa akin ni Aileen yung pics namin nung Grade 2. [Insert roaring thunder SFX here]. She had a Close-Up smile in the pics while I was glaring like I was only coerced to sit there. Hagalpak ako sa tawa. lols. Nameet ko din sa school sila Vanessa (Benneth), Richard (a.k.a. Osang), at Julia (formerly Julius). haha. I barely recognized Richard and Julius ’cause they transformed. Okay, let’s leave it that way. You know what I mean. lols. 

Nakita ko rin yung teachers ko dati. Matatanda na rin. Gusto ko sana silang lapitan para kumustahin sila at pasalamtan na rin dahil sa mga natutunan ko at sa paghubog nila ng pagkatao ko. lols. Pero nag-alangan ako. Baka di na nila ako makilala at sabihing “sino ang damuhong to?”. haha. Tinignan ko na lang sila mula sa malayo at kinunan ng stolen shots. hehe. Yun nga lang blurry kasi palpak ang digicam ko pag naka-zoom. Pero na-meet and greet ko yung teacher ko nung Grade 3 sa may gate nung paalis na kami ni Macoy. Sabi ba naman ni ma’am “ang gwapong bata”. Gusto ko sanang sabihin “matagal na po ma’am”. haha. Si ma’am talaga bolera pa rin. Saka malabo na rin siguro ang mga mata. hehe.

Nagtext si Harold, bestfriend ko nun (pati pa naman siguro ngayon), mga bandang 2PM, nagtanong kung anong picture-3402oras kami pupunta sa kanila. Matagal na rin kasi kaming nagkayakagang mag-inuman. Sabi nga ni Macoy nun, “pare pagpunta mo dito patayan sa inuman”. Kaya alam ko na malupet na inuman ang sasalubong sa kin dun. haha. Nung elementary kasi laro lang trip namin kaya ngayon dapat sulitin ang inuman. Toinks! Sayang nga lang kasi di kami nagpang-abot ng isa ko pang bespren na si Me-an. Isa pa naming sidekick yun ni Harold eh. lols.

picture-324Ganun pa rin naman si Harold lalo nga lang tumangkad. Sabagay ako lang naman siguro ang di tumangkad sa batch namin eh. hehe. Finally nakilala ko rin yung pamilya nya – yung erpat nyang Tito Nesty, asawa nyang si Adie, anak nyang si Liam at ang inaanak kong si Franchesca na cute na cute gaya ng ninong nya. *kidlat* Wala sanang umepal.lols.

Umalis kami kila Harold bandang 9PM. Akala ko uwian na yun pala eh nagchange venue lang. Lumipat kami kila 14Benneth (isa pang classmate). Marami din pala kaming batchmates na nag-antay dun – sina Jordan, Mark, Minda, at Roy (yung coordinator nung batch namin). Oo, nagpakita sya sa min pero di sya masyadong umimik. Mukhang guilty. haha. Di ko na natandaan yung iba pero pamilyar yung mga pangalan. Okay lang naman kasi nakasabay ko rin sila sa inuman.lols.

Di naasikaso yung class reunion kaya nagplano na lang silang mag-outing nung January 3. Dedma lang ako nun kasi picture-354nga supposedly luluwas na ko ng Maynila nung 29. Nung malaman nila na di ako tuloy, nag-eport silang i-move yung date sa 30 para makasama man lang raw ko. Naks! I felt so important. Nakaka-touch naman. haha. Pero unfortunately di na namove yung outing kaya pinilit nila akong mag-extend. Kaya lang ala na akong perang pambayad sa rebooking penalty kaya di na ako nagpapilit. lols. Kaya nag-inuman na lang ulet kami nung 29 ng gabi kila Benneth. Apat na lang kami nun pero masaya pa rin. Laugh trip kami sa kwento ni Jervin na katatakutan na naging katatawanan. lols. Ayos din ang jamming at sound trip kasi parehong marunong mag-gitara sila Jervin at Macoy (na bassist ng The Perdibles [per-di-bols], local band dun). Pagkatapos nun di na kami nagkita-kita ulet hanggang lumuwas ako ng Maynila nung 30 ng hapon.

Pero nag-iwan naman ako ng assurance na babalik ako every year. Gusto nga nila pareng Harold at Macoy bumalik ako sa March at pagsabay-sabayin na lang ang birthday celebrations namin. Graduation din kasi nila Harold. Si Lovely naman nag-invite din kasi graduation nila sa June. Sana lang makaipon ako agad para makaluwas ulet ako agad. Kelangan na sigurong sumideline sa gabi. lols.

Tama si Pareng Bob Ong (ABNKKBSNPLAko?!) nang sinabi nyang “Nakabalik ako sa lugar, pero di ko na naibalik ang panahon”. Di nga natin kayang ibalik ang panahon pero kaya nating gunitain yung panahon na yun sa simpleng reunion. Huwaw! Na-enjoy namin yung reunion kahit pano. Wala sa reunion namin kung sino ang nakatapos ng pagaaral at hindi, sino yung yumaman at hindi, sino yung may trabaho at wala, sino yung may asawa na at yung single by chance at single by choice pa rin, at sino yung may anak na at baog. lols. Sa halip naging daan yung reunion namin para makapag-bonding ulet kami at ibalik yung dati naming samahan at pagkakaibigan.  Naks!



Thank you so much guys! You made my vacation all worth it. I had a great time before the year 2008 ended because of that reunion experience. It was a fulfillment of  something I wanted to do. Indeed, the older you get the more you need to reunite with friends who’ve known you since you were young. ‘Til next class reunion…I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again…


Here’s the complete coverage of the event. 


January 6, 2009

boatBumalik na ko sa Cebu kahapon pagkatapos ng mahaba kong bakasyon sa Cavite at Leyte. Masaya yung naging bakasyon ko kasi nagkita-kita kami ng mga kaibigan at ka-eskwela ko nun sa Cavite. Umuwi naman ako sa Leyte nung 31 para makasama ang pamilya sa Bagong Taon.

Akala ko yun na ang last time na makakasama ko sila. lols. Bakit kamo? Eto ang kwento…

Supposedly nung January 4 pa ko babalik sa Cebu kasi may pasok na kami kahapon. Sa kasamaang-palad cancelled yung trips from Ormoc to Cebu. Maraming pasahero raw ang na-stranded kasi nga di bumiyahe yung mga barko at ferries dahil sa tropical depression thingy. Good. Natuto na siguro ang shipping companies dahil sa nangyari sa M/V Princess of the Stars.

January 5, 8:25 AM na lang yung napa-book kong ticket. Goodluck sa kin kasi 9:00 AM pasok ko sa opis. Anyways, pina-alam ko na sa sup ko na baka hapon na nga ako makapasok. Nahiya nga ako kasi last year late na rin akong nakapasok sa opis dahil nagkasakit ako. Baka sabihin nyang umaabuso ako at gumagawa lang ng dahilan. Pero alam naman nyang totoo yun kasi nabalita naman yun sa radyo, TV, at dyaryo.

Kinailangan kong umalis sa min ng madaling araw para makarating sa Ormoc nang maaga. Masama pa rin ang tiyempo nun. Pero kelangan ko na talagang bumiyahe. Pasakay pa lang ako ng boat may narinig akong ale na nagsabing “Ngayon pa lang magdasal na kayo”. Sus naman yung ale! Manakot ba! Nakakawala naman ng excitement eh. Spoiler! You’re such a loser ale. haha. Nalaman ko tuloy yung dapat kong i-expect.lols.

May video sa loob at comedy yung palabas. Nakuha pa ng mga pasaherong tumawa. Smooth-sailing pa naman nung mga first one hour. Pero bigla kaming nadismaya nung nasa halfway na kami. Hinagupit kami ng malalakas na alon. Parang yung sa Perfect Storm. Uhm, exaggerated na siguro yun. Di naman gano kalaki but enough to make your heart beat faster. Nakikita kong humahampas yung alon sa may bintana. Hinawi ko na nga lang yung kurtina para di ko makita. First time kong kinabahan nun sa biyahe. Pagewang-gewang na kasi yung boat. Tumatagilid na pag may malakas na alon. Para ngang roller coaster yung sinasakyan ko. Exciting! Daredevil ako eh. Gusto kong masubukang magsuot ng lifevest saka tumalon galing sa palubog na barko. hehe.

Tumayo na yung ibang pasahero. Nagpanic na sila at gustong umabot ng lifevest sa overhead compartment. Ako naman nakaupo lang sa upuan ko at nakiramdam. Pero anytime pwede akong makipag-unahang kumuha ng lifevest at tumalon sa tubig.lols. Marunong naman akong lumangoy. Pero di siguro kakayanin ng powers ko ang lumangaoy hanggang port ng Cebu. Baka pagpiyestahan ako ng pating on my way. Naalala ko tuloy yung pelikulang Deep Blue Sea. Kung nagkataon handa akong makipagkagatan sa pating. Ngipin sa ngipin. lols.

That was my worst traveling experience. For the first time I knew how it feels when you’re in a disastrous situation. I felt relieved when I saw Mactan Island. Good thing we arrived safe and sound. And good thing I was able to catch the trip yesteraday morning ’cause the trips were again cancelled last night.