Around Bacolod in Two Days

Bacolod Getaway Part 3:

Side Trips

A two-day trip in Bacolod was not enough to explore all the interesting sites there. With approximately 2 days, minus the traveling and sleeping time, you’d surely say “bitin”. However, our trip went on regardless of the limited time.

My officemates and I just made the most out of the time that we could spend and satisfied the wanderlust in us. Trying to ignore how short our time was, we wandered around the place and enjoyed our side trips.

My officemate’s bro, Charles, drove us to Lacson Street. Some streets in Bacolod are not congested so traveling there would only require minutes. On our way, we saw this odd looking place.

At first glance, I thought it was an ordinary fenced area. This is Luzuriaga Cemetery, located along Burgos Street. My officemate, Kat, told me that this used to be an exclusive cemetery of a prominent family in Bacolod. I think this is the only cemetery that is located in the middle of the street. Wow! Only in the Philippines!

We then reached Lacson Street. It was perhaps the most crowded street in Bacolod. A few steps from Lacson Street, you’ll see a man-made lagoon located at the center of the park. 

Beside the lagoon is an enormous “carabao and naked man” sculpture which is known to be done by Francesco Riccardo Monti. (Shoot me! I dunno who he is) lols.

From the sculpture, you would see the facade of the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental. 

We only passed by Negros Museum but didn’t see what’s inside it. We just headed to 888, a shopping center.


It has been a long walk from Lacson Street so we decided to have dinner first. It didn’t take us a long deliberation to decide what to eat. We’re in Bacolod, so we should eat chicken. lols. We dropped by this small restaurant called Lion’s Park. Uhm, it may sound like a zoo but it’s actually a resto. Here we I ate like a lion. Groaaarrrr…lols

[Burp] My stomach was bulging after the dinner. Then, we dropped by SM Bacolod and do some window-shopping. lols.   

After a quick stopover at SM, we went home to Kat’s place. We just rested for like 30 minutes and we (plus Kuya Raffy) went back to Lacson to meet Crystalle, Kat’s friend. We had our face tattoos after. woot!

Some wanted to ride roller coaster so we did. Waahh…ang tagal ko palang di nakapunta sa perya. Medyo karag-karag na yung roller coaster. Akala ko nga madi-derail. lols. I heard a girl asked her American beau, “do you have this in the US?”. I was like, “hello, di karag-karag roller coaster nila dun”. hehe. This is where Nash lost her voice. Nash, sigaw ka pa! hehe. Crsytalle dragged and forced me to ride the Octopus with her. Ayeeee! Ako pa hinamon nya! Ala akong ride na uurungan. lols

We went home at 2 AM. Wow! Never thought I’d stay up that long since I only had 2 hours of sleep the previous day. But the night ended with a blast! lols.

On our second day, we attended a mass with Kat’s family at Queen of Peace Parish. What makes this church different from other churches is that it has a very unique architecture. It takes on the shape of a crown.

It was already lunch time when the mass ended so Kat’s family suggested we should have lunch with them. We then went to Imay’s Resto & Bar. It was not your ordinary resto. The resto has a “wallful” of autographed plates as you could see below. Nice gimmick, huh!

I was freakin’ tired at the end of the day. But I wanted to visit more places. If we only had enough time, we’d surely invade more sites there. But our side trips were nevertheless enjoyable! woot!     

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17 Comments on “Around Bacolod in Two Days”

  1. teresa Says:

    nakakaloka lang, 2 days lang kayo sa Bacolod pero ang kwento di maubos ubos,haha! ( eh bakit nga ba ako nakikialam eh noh?hehe,sensya naman )

    sementeryo in the city?haha,onli in da pilipins nag roller coaster ride pa pala kau,tsk! yan ata ang kahit bayaran ako ng malaki eh di ko gagawin,haha!

    p.s- balak mo bang gawing travelogue itong blog mo? hehe! naitanong lang naman 😉

    @teresa: haha. di naman halatang lakwatsero ako eh no. lols. don’t worry 2nd to the last post ko na about bacolod. astigin nga yung sementeryo di ba? uhm, gusto ko lang matry magsulat ng travelogue kasi di ko natry nung college pa ko. lols

  2. Geisha Says:

    sheeeeeeet! kakainggit! nainggit na naman ako!
    buti pa kayo may time gumimik!

    teka i love your masskara necklace! akin na yan!hahahah
    last na to ang macho mo kuya! 😀

    @geisha: na-inggit ka na naman? bumiyahe ka kasi paminsan-minsan. haha. bili ka na lang dun, mura lang yan! naman, wag kang ganyan kasi baka maniwala ako. lols

  3. ifoundme Says:

    Hi! the de Luzuruiaga cemetery is actually included in the guinness book of records daw as the only cemetery that can be found in the middle of a street or 2 streets… yan ang sabi nila ha…

    Negros will never experience gutom again kasi isasangla namin ang golden kalabaw pag may economic crisis ulit… heheheheh!

    Where you attended mass is actually where i grew up… yan ang church ng school namin. i went there from kindergarten until i graduated in high school… o di ba?

    siguro nagkasalubong na tayo sa daan. isa kami dun sa mukhang harassed na photographers sa sobrang pagod. hehehe!

  4. madbong Says:

    huwaw parekoy, sarap maglakbay!! nakarating na din ako sa bacolod noon pero hinde gaano nakalibot dahil field trip kami nun. putris 1991 pa pala yun a, wala pa yang sm bacolod!

    @madbong: masaya nga bumiyahe parekoy. good to know nakapunta ka na rin sa bacolod. sana makalibot ka next time pag-uwi mo ng pinas.

  5. ifoundme Says:

    ano ba yan? actually na, daw pa… hehehe! pagpasensyahan mo na…. naexcite lang ako nung binasa ko tong post mo.. hehehehe

    @ifoundme: haha. ok lang yun! buti naman na-excite ka kahit pano sa post ko. woot! 😆

  6. rio Says:

    astig nga yung luzriaga cemetery..nasa pagitan ng dalawang street??

    mukhang hindi mo naramdaman ang pagod ah..talagang nakuha mo pang sumakay sa mga rides?

    astig yung 888 mall nila ah..parang 168 mall din dito sa manila.

    @rio: yup, in between two streets yan marekoy! di ako nakaramdaman yung pagod pero yung antok dala-dala ko throughout the trip. but it was all worth it naman.

  7. ced Says:

    wow! ang sarap naman mag gala!
    pero alam mo mas masarap?
    ung may kasama na espesyal e.
    dba tere? hihihi

    @ced: haha. ayun at may special mention pa si tere. oi, pati ba naman ikaw sasali sa INTRIGA 101? lols.

  8. Victoria-New York Says:

    I’m from Bacolod and I envy you, i haven’t
    been to masskara in 20yrs. it has surely
    changed from what it used to be. it is a
    fabulous festivity and i’m glad you had fun.
    I’m familiar on what you’ve posted here since
    I was home this June.
    thanks for posting, brings back wonderful

  9. xG Says:

    kaswerte mo naman
    at nakakaalis ka pa ng maynila
    ako nga tarbahu bahay lang palagi
    tsk tsk

    at mas mainam dahil may pictures!
    oh yes

  10. dong ho Says:

    saya talaga! hindi ko napansin yang sementeryo at yung simbahan. hindi kasi ako masyadong nag ikot sa bayan.

    masarap ang buko juice sa imays at ok na ok ang chicken sa lion’s park.

    yang lagoon daming beses kaming nagpakain ng tilapia. tourist activity daw kasi yan. hehehe

    @kuya dong: di mo pala napuntahan yung mga yun. sayang! pero balik ka na lang ulit next year! masarap nga food dun saka mura pa. di ko naranasang magpakain ng tilapia sa lagoon. hehe

  11. FerBert Says:

    may part 4 pa ba? lols

    asan na yung pasalubong ko?

    @ferbert: tama ka lil bro, may part 4 pa nga to. naku po. di sumama yung bebot eh. lols

  12. y Says:

    this one makes me really wanna go to bacolod! nice pictures pare. 🙂

    @y: you should check the place out. thanks at welkam bak!

  13. friendz Says:

    hi! your blog is very interesting :)..nice trip
    moreover, i am new to this blogging. i like to you to visits my site in your free time ..and give suggestion to improve
    if possible add me in your blog roll. i will return my favour!!

  14. beero Says:

    thanks sa info.

    haha. oo nga. siguro mahal din yung golden kalabaw kung isangla.

    siguro nga nagkasalubong tayo pero di lang natin nakilala isa’t- isa. hehe. hope to see ya there next year!

  15. beero Says:

    @victoria new york: hope you could witness masskara festival again soon. it was actually my first time there and i had so much fun! thank you so much for dropping by, ma’am.

    @xG: oi, napadaan pala ang dyosa ng blogosperyo dito. hehe. tenk yu sa pagbisita! nakakalwala naman ako sa opis minsan. haha. ayun at nahalata tuloy na camwhore ako. haha

  16. watusiboy Says:

    wow. living the life ha beero. ang saya saya naman ng naging vacation mo. nainggit tuloy ako. hehe.

  17. Jorge Says:

    Wow! parekoi, astig mga lakwatsa mo ah, certified lakwatsero ka din pala, hehehe…

    Hmm… magandang idea un ah, makagawa nga ng award para sa mga certified lakwatsero besides uso na mga award award ngaun… cge! intayin nyo nlng ha. hehehehe


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