All Smiles in the City of Smiles!

Bacolod Getaway Part 1:

First Masskara Festival Experience

My weekend has never been this good. Ask me why. We’ve been to the City of Smiles to witness the Masskara Festival. Woohoo! Come on, guys shout with me! I’m so overwhelmed. lols.

It was on Friday when my officemate Candice told me the plan. And I just responded with a frown since my wallet can’t dispense a good amount of cash that could take me to Bacolod. Yeah, seriously. I was just drinking on Friday night out of desperation.haha. I have to thank Richelle for being so kind (for the first time).hehe. After the inuman session I went home to pack my things up. I slept around 2:00 AM and that explains why my eyes were fiery red when I woke up.

Port of Toledo City, Cebu

Port of Toledo City, Cebu

Luckily I was able to join the weekend getaway with 2 hours of sleep and shoestring budget. Good thing, we have an officemate from Bacolod. Kat was the one who invited us (or should I say them – Pam, Nash, and Candice).hehe. They didn’t know that I’ll be joining them. Nevertheless, Kat didn’t complain when she knew I’m going. woot!

So the trip went on. From Cebu City, we traveled all the way down to

Nash, Candice, & Me)

At San Carlos terminal, waiting for the van (L-F: Nash, Candice, & Me)

Toledo where we rode a barge going to San Carlos, Negros Occidental. Then we waited for the van to arrive at 10:00 AM. The trip was quite long but we arrived in Bacolod at 12 noon. Kat’s family welcomed us with warm smiles. We just had lunch, took a quick bath and hit the streets. It was my first time there. Same is true with Nash and Candice. No wonder why Nash was so excited!hehe.

Masks in different designs, colors and sizes. Blaring music. Ocean of faces. Those filled the busy and festive streets of Bacolod. I just ignored how tired and sleep-deprived I was and joined the gang in the “gala” moments. Eh gala naman talaga pinunta ko dun eh. Though Candice and I felt like we were walking zombies, we saved energy for our tour. It was so much fun exploring the city streets and feel how warm the people are. Our side trips were also fun! We checked some intereseting places and structures around (more of them in my next posts). And the food? Dude, they have the best-tasting chicken! And I have to tell you that I got a kick of listening to their “malambing” Ilonggo accent. lols.

And now, look how the gang invaded the city, smiled like the thousands of smiling masks around, and managed to erase those haggard looks on our faces!

We pose with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen!

From Left: Me, Pam, Nash, & Candice

LEX: “Dude, your mask is pretty heavy and sweaty. But it’s cool!”

Kids, smile kayo!

May maskara din kami. woot!

Here we are with the masked dudes.

See those masks? They’re electric! Cool!

The whole gang, plus Kuya Raffy, near the float.

A view from Lacson Street. Kat and Crystalle are on the far right.

(More pics to be inserted here soon)

See? We were all smiles! Of course, we should. You’d surely smile when you experience Masskara Festival. I’m leaving a promise, my first time in Bacolod WON’T be the last! Woohoo! Come on, shout with me again!

Thanks to Kat and her family – Tito, Tita, Kuya Michael, Charles, Kuya Raffy, and Crystalle – for a comfy accommodation, great food, resto treats! Thank you! Thank you!

More of our Masskara Festival experience and Bacolod side trips coming soon!…

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17 Comments on “All Smiles in the City of Smiles!”

  1. Geisha Says:

    nakakainggit naman! 😦

    @geshia: hehe, buti naman at na-inggit ka. ahehe

  2. kendi Says:

    yep we really had fun that weekend. it was nice having you on the unplanned trip. hehehe..

    balik tayo doon next year ha? hehehe…

    @kendi: hehe. thanks, ken. tenk yu for inviting me. hehe. sure thing. medyo nabitin ako kasi 2 days lang eh. balik tayo next year. be looking forward to that.

  3. FerBert Says:


    bebot na taga bacolod! hahaha

    @ferbert: haha. maskara na lang, gusto mo? lols

  4. s3cr3t Says:

    a weekend get away once in a while is really a good idea.
    at least khit pano naiba ang routine mo last weekend.
    kahit super pagod kayo at walang tulog halata namang nag enjoy kau.

    more pics! 😉

    @s3cr3t: yup, that was indeed a good idea. my idea of fun. lols. oo nga. i won’t forgive myself kung di ako nakasama. haha. yeah, it’s all worth it! watch out ka lang for more pics! they’re coming right up…

  5. rio Says:

    woo-woo..ang saya naman.pwede ba akong sumama next time? parang ang daming bloggers ang nagpunta ngayon sa bacolod para maki celebrate ng masskara festival..
    aantayin ko pa yung iba mong kuha ha..
    pasalubong pala namin, asan na?hehe

    @rio: ayan at nakisigaw ka nga sa kin. tenk yu! woohoo! lols. oo nga eh, isa na dun si kuya dong. cge, medyo marami pang pics na mapo-post dito. pasalubong? pwede ako na lang? lols

  6. dong ho Says:

    yihaa! astig! enjoy na enjoy nga kayo. buti na lang at may mga mababait kang kaibigan dyan.

    talagang excited ka na rin bumalik doon. sayang hindi na tayo nag abot dun. inaabangan na rin namin ang iba pang pictures.

    @kuya dong: enjoy nga kami dun kuya dong. yup, ok kasi may officemate akong taga-dun. may kumpare nga din ako dun eh. for sure babalik pa ko dun.sayang nga kasi nakauwi ka na pagpunta namin dun.

  7. coolwaterworks Says:

    Good thing you were able to experience our Masskara Festival… 🙂

    And our chicken inasal!

    Did you go to Manokan Country?

    @coolwaterworks: i didn’t know you’re from bacolod. hehe. we had fun in your place. unfortunately, di kami pumunta sa manokan country. nadaanan lang namin.

  8. popoy Says:


    do i need to comment in english? anw, mukhang masaya nga ang TRIP mo sa Bacolod. naikwento nga sa akin ni teresa, naitxt pala, na nandyan ka daw nung weekend. may sportfest ang greenies nyang araw na yan at kumain din kami ng Chicken Inasal. BELAT U!!! kala mo ikaw lang ha.hahaha

    magandang relaxation ang paggalugad sa mga lugar dito sa Pilipinas.

    aysolab the color palettes of the maskara. nangangahulugang buhay na buhay pa rin ang turismo at ang kultura ng mga Pilipino 🙂

  9. beero Says:


    haha. takte ka! you don’t have to. pero bahala ka. kahit anong language pwede dito. kung gusto mo, mag-french ka pa eh. haha. naks! may sportsfest pala ang greenies. ang saya ngang bumiyahe sa pinas. mapapa-wow philippines ka talaga. hehe. ganda nga ng mga maskara poy. tungkol sa mga maskara next post ko. hehe. cheers!

  10. wei vines Says:

    wooowww..nainggit din ako.. ayoko na tignan mga faketures.. nakakainggit eh 😆
    ang cute nung mascarade party 😆

  11. ced Says:

    wow! astig ah!
    buti ka pa nakakpaglibot na sa Pinas!
    sama mo naman ako next time.

  12. mangbadoy Says:

    pare parang ang cute ni nash! hahahah! yun napansin ko…

  13. april Says:

    ang sarap namang maka-witness ng mga ganitong festivity. onli n d pilipins yata ‘yan!iba talaga ang kulturang pinoy.

    i enjoy reading your entries. keep it up!:)

  14. beero Says:

    @wei vines: haha. tingnan mo mga pechurs pare para mas lalo kang mainggit.lols. haha. ang lupet nga ng “mascarade”.

    @ced: hehe. marami pa nga akong gustong libutin eh. sige sama ka next time doc. mag-ipon muna tayo sa ngayon. hehe

  15. beero Says:

    @mang badoy: haha. mababasa nya comment mo pare. pero may fiance na yun eh. hehe

    @april: thanks for dropping by. yeah, it’s really fun seeing festivals like this. sana ma-enjoy mo rin. thanks!

  16. Victoria-New York Says:

    I miss Bacolod. I miss home.
    thanks for the pics on the city of smiles

  17. jay Says:

    pls watch this guys and i hope you will really enjoy

    add nyu nlng ha dont forget to msg me.

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