Happy Birthday, Mel!

She’s the beauty and I’m the beast
She’s the princess
and I’m the frog
She’s the angel and I’m the devil

We’re totally opposite. It’s pretty amazing how two strangers clicked and established a good relationship. Opposite attracts. That’s what they say. And I could not agree more. Despite of our differences, we compliment each other so well.

She was one of our class’ bests. She even graduated Cum Laude. On the other hand, I was one of the stragglers and triers, “nangangamote”, that is. I usually failed Math exams, Algebra to be specific. Sorry but I’m arithmophobic. hehe.

Thank you for the good old days. You know pretty well that I got attached so much to you than anyone in our class. You know how I’d miss you when you’re not around. You know how I’d love to see your beautiful smile. You know how I’d want to sit beside you every time…

Now, we’re on our separate ways. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time, two years I guess. But I could’t forget that it’s your birthday…

Happy Birthday, Meliza!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

my companion, confidante, and friend

Thank you so much for years of wonderful friendship…


I could give you guys her number. Oh, wait. She’s already taken. Daddy (her BF) would kill me. hehe

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14 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Mel!”

  1. nickname™ Says:

    naman! naunahan ka tuloy ni daddy. bagal-bagal mo kasi. nyahaha! 😆

  2. FerBert Says:

    happy bday sa kanya.. weee weee weee…
    kabertdei nya si john lapus.. bwahahaha

  3. ced Says:

    happy happy bday pretty!

    -from papa ced! hehehe

  4. Jhaynee Says:

    kala ko gf mo.. di kaya ex..

    adik ka kung makasulat.. hehehe

    happy bday sa taken mong friend.. hahaha

  5. Hmmm… I smell hidden desire… *LOL*

    Haberdey sa ‘friend’ mo! = P

  6. yuie Says:

    dude..move on…lol…

  7. rio Says:

    happy birthday sa friend mo=)
    may regalo ka na ba sa kanya?

  8. y Says:

    what the…?! kala ko pa naman… hehe! ok. ok. i’l shut up. tutal eh puro lang naman putol yung sinasabi ko kasi…di ko talaga alam sasabihin ko. hehe!

    happy beerday sa “friend” mo! hehe!

  9. BADoy Says:

    MAY makawig syang artista akala ko gf mo… how sweet naman…

  10. donG hO Says:

    happy happy birthday to her! she really is special to you!

  11. lawstude Says:

    hmm. alam mo, some might not agree with me here but mas special naman talaga ang kaibigan kesa sa gf eh. unless maging asawa mo na ang latter. pera mas mainam pa rin kung yung gf mo eh best friend mo rin.

  12. rio Says:

    i agree with u!..apir!

  13. FerBert Says:

    yehey andun na yung nati inday badge!


    spread teh virus!

    boo to inday.. hahaha

    salamat kuya!

  14. Meliza Says:

    Tnx for the wonderful words and for always being a wonderful friend…! Sorry, it’s just now that i realy loked at this. I was kinda busy these past few weeks…y’knw naman the career. Anwy, you always do treat me special and I’m just so lucky to have you as my friend. You are one of a kind! Miz yah! See you soon!!!

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