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The Dark Knight and Catharsis Theory

July 29, 2008

Poster de Batman The Dark Knight  by MyCine.

I watched The Dark Knight nights ago. Well, who didn’t anyway? It’s prolly the most-anticipated movie of the year.

I’ve read a lot of movie reviews, both negative and positive, before I watched the film. The reviews were pretty interesting! And they made me eager to watch it.

The movie was literally “dark”. I mean, the movie itself and not the moviehouse. hehe. Most of the scenes were taken in dark lighting. I know that’s the effect they wanted to achieve, though. There were explosions, gunshots, and brutal killings in most of the scenes plus the horrible and scruffy faces of Joker and Two-Face (thankful ako kasi may mas pangit pa sa kin) 😆 They were so freaky. Actingwise, Ledger’s performance was great. And of course the movie was done with superb technicality with excellent SFX and all that. BTW, this is not a review ’cause I know a lot has been said about the movie. Why so serious, anyway? hehe. Oh wait, I’ll just comment on Batman’s pa-cute-whispering-voice. I didn’t like it much. Peace!

The reviews were very accurate – the movie is a bit violent. Most of the scenes are not suitable for very young audiences. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. hehe.

But we have to deal with it. Movies and some other media, that are intented to entertain and inform us, have some violent contents. This media endorsement of violence is believed to be justified by the concept of catharsis (katharsis), a Greek word which means “purging or cleansing” (thanks to my Communication Theories prof for teaching me this). This communication theory states that constant exposure of people to violent media could be an outlet for them to purge anger and aggression. This notion  was actually intoduced by Aristotle who believed that viewing tragic plays was a way of releasing negative feelings and reducing anger. In comtemporary media, filmmakers prolly believe that viewing violence could create same effect to the viewing public’s behavior. This can also be noticed in some violent computer games, claiming that playing violent games is one way of purging aggressive urges.

Now the question is, how do violent media like The Dark Knight affect the behavior of a viewer? Does it really help someone get rid of aggressive urges or does it increase someone’s aggression instead? These are intriguing questions.

While the concept that you need an outlet for aggressive urges may be valid, it may also be detrimental especially to young viewers who are vulnerable and are more likely to be manipulated by violent media. This has been the most controversial issue here. Perhaps, this is the reason why some movie critics found the movie “disturbing” and “violent”, qualities which make the movie not suitable for young audiences. A 20-year-old man, with complete gruesome make-up like The Joker, was actually arrested recently in Michigan for stealing some posters and other Batman-related items.

Well, viewing violent media is not the only factor that causes aggression but its effect to some viewers cannot be ignored. Remember that this is a theory, meaning it can be plausible and invalid in some extent. The bottom line is that a certain media content can have different effects to individuals. “Not everyone who watches violent media becomes aggressive, and not everyone who is aggressive watches violent media.” What ya think?


Google and I

July 25, 2008

I don’t have anything decent (as usual) to post today. I’m not yet in the mood to write about Dark Knight which I watched last night. For now, here’s what Google and I have to share…Got this from my offcemates, by the way.


1.) Type in “[your name] needs” in Google search:
–  Lex needs a drink. (Oh, well. Thanks for reminding me. I have to make sure I get a good dose of beer. hehe. I even drink alone when I’m in “adik mode”)

2.) Type in “[your name] looks like” in Google search:
– Lex looks like the king in his stadium debut (Ammpf. King? Good thing it ended with King. I’d be pissed off with “King Kong”)

3.) Type in “[your name] likes” in Google search:
– Lex likes to read at Kaboodle. (What or where on Earth is Kaboodle? More like Lex likes to read Badoodle. Yeah, my blogging idol. hehe)

4.) Type in “[your name] says” in Google search:
– Lex says adios amigos! (Awww. And when did I learn how to speak Spanish dude? I guess, years ago when I had to recite the first 5 stanzas of “Mi Ultimo Adios” in our Literature class. Pagkatapos kong magrecite, nosebleed)

5.) Type in “[your name] wants” in Google search:
–  Lex wants a Mazda (Not my type of car but it’d be fine though. It could somehow lessen the hassles in going to the office every day. Cut that crap Lex! You don’t even own a bike)

6.) Type in “[your name] does” in Google search:
– Lex does fellow pitchers proud (Whoa! I used to play baseball in high school but never been a part of the team. I was more into table tennis and volleyball)

7.) Type in “[your name] hates” Google search:
– Lex hates mangoes (I could never hate mangoes. Lumaki ako sa maggahan where I can just climb trees and eat as much as I want. Mangga pa lang ulam na! haha)

8.) Type in “[your name] goes” Google search:
– Lex goes global (Hello Pilipins and hello world! LOL. Haaay, now I regret why I tried this stupid stuff. Me going global? That’s one heck of a crazy dream)

9.) Type in “[your name] loves” in Google search:
– Lex loves peanut brittle. (Well, who doesn’t? Unless you’re allergic to peanuts or diabetic. Go nuts! )

10.) Type in “[your name] is” in Google search:
– Lex is out, doomsday is in!. (Haha. Do I look like a superhero to you?

Enough of this stupid (call it whatever you want) stuff! But I know some of you would also try this. Go! Keep your Google searching!hehe.

I am “Some”

July 18, 2008

I was trying to download the music video of Neyo’s Closer last night but I had some troubles. Limewire was acting up. I dunno what the heck was the prob. So I just ended up bloghopping and caught an interesting post of my officemate Candice

This button represents my personality.

Here’s what it means;

Engaged Idealists are extroverted and helpful. Others find them to be very congenial and inspiring – especially as they are always willing to see the best in the other person. Their humour, their energy and their optimism attract other people. Engaged Idealists are very good at communicating and are good at  convincing and firing on others. That is why it is a matter of course that they often take over the leading role in groups. This personality type often produces very charismatic persons. (Uhumm)

They always try to suit everybody and want their relationships to be harmonious and satisfactory.

“When he was a call center agent, he always shows empathy to the customers. That’s the reason why he often gets good CSAT (customer satisfaction) surveys from them. Just don’t count the sup calls, though”. – Gen, Former Trainer

They are tolerant and generous towards others

“Lex is very generous. I used to ask load from him before. But when he lost his phone last March, he didn’t bother to send me his new number.” – Tina, Cousin

As Engaged Idealists are very considerate, there is the danger of them sacrificing and overexerting themselves for others.

Kuya is so good. I asked him to pay the rental and our bills this month ’cause I bought a new CP and some stuff. Now, I think he’s broke and doesn’t have something to eat this weekend.” Emily, Cousin

Their perfectionism also influences their love life – they look for the perfect relationship for life.

Alam ko dalawa pa lang naging GF nyan. Hopeless romantic nga mokong na yan eh. He’s been serious with his relationships. Pero pag na-bad trip at tinopak, he calls it quits without a formal closure.  He’s now single, waiting for the girl destined for him. Maniwala ba sa destiny! Tsk, tsk” Rodel, Friend

However, should they get involved with the wrong person, it can happen that they allow themselves to be exploited for a long time before they end the relationship.

“We had a great time together until he left for work in Cebu. I promised that I’ll wait for him. But I realized that I can’t be so faithful. He has been tricked! Napakalaki nyang tanga!
Ayessa, Ex-GF 

In their job, they therefore have to be very careful not to develop a burnout syndrome.  

“Lex can work under pressure. He can talk to irate callers with a smile. But I heard him say “Peste ka!” when the caller hang up. Good thing QAs weren’t barging in.”
Rence, Former Mentor

These subjects could interest you
art (I used to draw X-Men characters when I was a kid), politics (I wonder who’ll be the next President, Mike Arroyo?), environmental protection (A blogger friend and I were actually talking about global warming and all that), nature (I so love going outdoors, climbing trees.hehe) , travel (Yeah. I traveled around the world in my dreams)

(Ngeeks! Bat kaya ala ang music dito? Hmm)

Most, if not all, qualities mentioned are true. I was actually surprised with the accuracy of the results. 

Interested? Try this!

Itchy Conversation

July 10, 2008

We had crabs that noon. My erpat just caught them from our pond. I burped after eating, unaware that something freaky would startle me a bit later.

After lunch, I rested in our hut and enjoyed a short siesta. But shortly I felt something strange. There was an unpleasant feeling on my skin as if thousands of higads were crawling on by body. I started getting stomach cramps. My entire body itched intolerably and I felt like the pores of my skin were blocked. There were big and thick rashes from my scalp down to the soles of my feet. I managed to gulp a glass of water before my vision blurred. It made me want to scream and plunge into a drum of freezing water. I wanted to feel numb.

I had some allergy attacks prior to that but that one was the gravest. I’m pretty sure that the previous attacks weren’t triggered by food. My previous attacks were caused by airborne pollutants (ano raw).hehe. They call it “dupang” in our dialect.

What I experienced that afternoon was totally odd. I haven’t the faintest idea why my body reacted that way. That was something I haven’t experienced before. And something that I wouldn’t want to happen ever again. After hours of scratching and almost dying of terrible itch, I felt better.

Few days after, I tried eating other seafood. Next on my list was shrimp. I was really surprised when it gave the same effect. The attack even became more excruciating. I hated that feeling.

The most recent attack happened months ago. I had squid for lunch. And it was confirmed. I’m also allergic to squid. Wheew! No crab. No shrimp. No squid. What else am I allergic to? I think I’ll go crazy if I get allergic to bangus as well.hehe

I’m saddened. Really. I love eating those seafood. I now envy people who can freely eat those without fear of being close to death.   

I’m still wondering why my body reacts this way whenever I eat those food. When I had a med exam for my previous company, the doctor asked me if I’m allergic to something. I told her the whole story and she told me some blah-blahs. I forgot everything that she said. hehe.

I caught my blogger friend Ced, a med stude, online the other night. I took the chance to get some answers that could somehow shed light on me.  

(8:15 PM)
BEERO: May tanong ako, dude. Allergic kasi ako sa hipon at crab. Bat ganun? ano possible causes?
CED: Hmmm…Una kasi pwedeng ung una mong nakain na hipon o crab eh medyo spoiled na, yong malapit ng masira.
BEERO: Galing sa fishpond namin kinakain ko. Fresh pa yun.
CED: Teka patapusin mo muna ko. Yong katawan mo natreat un as antigen o foreign body. Natural gagawa ng defense mechanism mo yong antibody.
CED: So kapag kumain ka ng panibagong hipon o crab ung activated antibody mo lalabanan ung kinain mo na hipon o crab kasi tinandaan ng antibody mo ung food na yon as antigenic. oks ba?
BEERO: Oks na oks. LOL
CED: Usually IgE yong antibody mo na naactivate so responsable sila sa inflammatory response mo like ung rash lips mo nangangapal. Ayun nakatulog ka na.
BEERO: Gising pa ko. (sabi mo kasi patapusin muna kita) Oo nga eh. Di ko talaga matiis ang kati.
CED: Kasi yong IgE mo nagrerelease sila ng substances para maellicit yong mga yon as response.
BEERO: Nagtataka ako kasi dati di ako allergic eh. Ano ba dapat kong gawin?
CED: Alam mo yong asukal?
BEERO: (Oo naman). Bakit?
CED: Kapag may atake ka ng allergies, kain ka ng isang spoonfull ng asukal. Di kaya eh inom ka ng honey.
BEERO: Fatal ba ang ganitong allergy?
CED: Oo naman kapag hindi naagapan.  Pwede maglead sa cardiogenic shock yun.
BEERO: Tinatakot mo yata ako eh.
CED: Pero yong sobrang allergies na as in may respiratory o kaya renal involvement
BEERO: Ganun ba?
CED: Oo. Kaya necessary ang first aid.

I hope our conversation on YM helped those who suffer from the same health problem. Thanks to Ced for the free consultation. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. hehe

Happy Birthday, Mel!

July 7, 2008

She’s the beauty and I’m the beast
She’s the princess
and I’m the frog
She’s the angel and I’m the devil

We’re totally opposite. It’s pretty amazing how two strangers clicked and established a good relationship. Opposite attracts. That’s what they say. And I could not agree more. Despite of our differences, we compliment each other so well.

She was one of our class’ bests. She even graduated Cum Laude. On the other hand, I was one of the stragglers and triers, “nangangamote”, that is. I usually failed Math exams, Algebra to be specific. Sorry but I’m arithmophobic. hehe.

Thank you for the good old days. You know pretty well that I got attached so much to you than anyone in our class. You know how I’d miss you when you’re not around. You know how I’d love to see your beautiful smile. You know how I’d want to sit beside you every time…

Now, we’re on our separate ways. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time, two years I guess. But I could’t forget that it’s your birthday…

Happy Birthday, Meliza!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

my companion, confidante, and friend

Thank you so much for years of wonderful friendship…


I could give you guys her number. Oh, wait. She’s already taken. Daddy (her BF) would kill me. hehe

Achy Freaky Voice

July 2, 2008

“But don’t tell my heart,
my achy breaky heart,
I just don’t think he’ll understand.
But if you tell my heart,
my achy breaky heart,
he might blow up and kill this man”

Nagulat ako nang marinig ko ang mga linyang yan habang tahimik akong nakaupo sa loob ng isang mabaho, maingay, ay mala-impyernong internet cafe. Nagpanting ang mga tenga ko dahil sa nakakairitang boses na narinig ko. Ako nga na mala-Neyo ang boses di ganon kalakas ang loob kumanta in public sya pa kaya? hehe.

Nilingon ko kung san nanggaling ang alingasaw alingawngaw na muntik nang bumasag sa king eardrums at muntik nang umubos sa king mahabang pasensya. Buti na lang isa ako sa mga hangal na naniniwalang “Patience is a virtue” haha.

Isang binatilyo parang na-possess ang nakita kong kumakanta. May hawak syang papel na marahil ay print out ng lyrics ng kanta. May plano yatang sumali sa Singing Bee. Bagay nga sa kanya yun dahil “Di bale nang sintu-sinto sintunado basta tama lang ang lyrics mo”. Para din syang PDA scholar na inaaral ang kanta para sa susunod na Gala Performance Night. Gusto ko nga sana syang turuan ng proper breathing at diction at i-masahe na rin ang panga  gaya ng ginagawa ng voice mentor sa PDA. haha.

Pinagtinginan sya ng mga tao sa cafe pero dedma lang ang hinayupak. Ala syang paki sa ibang tao at parang sinasadya nyang bulabugin ako sa pagba-bloghop. hehe.

Dahil di mataas ang tolerance level ko sa noise pollution, pinakiusapan ko na lang ang assistant sa cafe na kabitan ng headset ang computer na ginagamit ko. Aktwali, di lang naman yun ang dahilan kung bat ako nagpakabit ng headset. Gusto ko din kasing pakinggan ang podcast ni Kuya Bosing. Bumaba naman blood pressure ko nang pakiggan ko wholesome jokes ni Manong Badudels. hehe. Di nya man mababasa to, igi-greet ko na din sya. Belated Happy Bertdey, Kuya Bosing!

Balik sa kanta. Parang pamilyar sa kin yon eh. I could never forget that song. Tama! Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Yun ang pini-play na kanta pag nagi-exercise kami sa school pagkatapos ng flag ceremony. Elementary pa ko nun sa Cavite. Ang lupet ng square dance na tinuro sa min para sa exercise na yun. ahehe. Medyo masaya naman kasi sabay-sabay sumasayaw ang mga estudyante (excluding the latecomers). Pati nga din mga titser na gusto pang mag-burn ng makakapal na taba at frustrated sumeksi eh nakikisabay din. Kung may Youtube na nun malamang sumikat din school namin sa pinakamaraming estudyante na nagsayaw nang sabay-sabay. Pero mas marami pa rin ang inmates sa Cebu. Naisip ko tuloy, noon pa man mas marami nang gustong makulong kesa sa mag-aral. haha.

This song is quite sappy but it reminds me of my school days. Naasar ako dahil sa pagkakanta ng binatilyong yun, at di dahil ayokong marinig ang kanta. I just wanted him to give justice to the song.hehe. Napaka-unpredictable ko talaga. Haayyy…may mga kanta talagang nagbabalik ng mga memories pag naririnig mo – malungkot man o masaya, nakakatawa man o nakakaiyak.

Wala akong karapatang pigilan ang sinuman kung gusto nilang bumirit dahil karapatan nila yun. Ang sa kin lang, may tamang lugar para sa kantahan. Maging sensitibo naman sana sila sa mga taong nasa paligid nila. Matuto silang makiramdam kung ang ginagawa ba nila eh nakakatuwa o nakakabulahaw na. hehe.