2-Day Weekend Escapade

A week has passed and I can’t help but recall what happened last weekend…

I had the chance to go home last weekend. I dunno if could really call that a chance since that was just an ordinary two-day weekend for me. But then again, I decided to visit my hometown once again.

Actually, it was the fiesta in my grandma’s place. We also have a hut in that place where my dad stays whenever he’s watching over our fishpond.

Since my time was limited, I decided to ride Supercat eventhough it would cost me much higher than the usual fare. I left the office at 4 PM and rushed to my boarding house to get the bags that I packed the night before. Unfortunately, I missed the trip. WTF! What’s worse is that I had to pay P275. Geez, I just missed the trip. Cool! Now I know how Supercat value the time and convenience of their passengers.

I had no choice ’cause Supercat doesn’t have trips anymore. BUt there’s no turning back. I was holding a bag of school supplies for my nieces. I wanted to hand them personally so I had to choose Plan B – catch a trip at 10 PM and arrive in Tacloban the next morning. Grrr…You don’t have an idea how exhausting that is! Thanks to my blogger friends who texted while I’m on my way. That eased my boredom, somehow.


After 8 long hours of travel, I finally got home! I didn’t mind the chilly ocean breeze which made me awake all night. They were all waiting for me, with warm smiles and excitement. I handed some pasalubongs. It was so pleasing to see the smiles on my pamangkins’  faces . I felt glad to see my family.

Fiesta means yummy food and overflowing drinks! After a quick bath, I gobbled some food at home. The buko salad that my mom prepared was a big plus!

I have many relatives in that place so invitations kept on coming! Woohoo! It was fun hopping through houses where food were served for nothing. And drinks, too! hehe.

I was just a bit tipsy at the end of the day so I still managed to go home (to our second house) hehe. My friends, as usual, knew what we would do when I arrive – drink! hehe.

But before that, we watched a graduation of something. I dunno how to describe that exactly. All I know is that the “tanods” and others who enrolled attended sessions of martial arts training. There I saw the trainer hacked the coconut with his hand. Waahhh…Pretty exciting, huh! 

Drinking session won’t be complete without “lousy” singing. hehe. The only videoke machine was rented for the graduation or something. So, we had no choice than to set up our own table. Of course, we had (I mean, I had) to buy our drinks. Shortly, the singing turned into dancing! Waahhh…

Time really flies when you’re having fun! It was 3:30 AM when we all went home. 

The next day, my cousin invited me to his daughter’s party – kiddie party! haha. The party was fun! But only spent 2 hours there ’cause I had to go back to Cebu…


I left our place at 5:15 PM. I also left conversations with my family and bonding moments with my friends.

Here I am again, too distant and solitary…       

















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15 Comments on “2-Day Weekend Escapade”

  1. madbong Says:

    good to know you had a great time bro. fiesta pala di maraming tsibug…ayus

    @madbong: thanks bro. madami ngang tsibog. kung araw-araw lang ganun tataba ako. LOL.

  2. watusiboy Says:

    naiimaginie ko ang mga tanods at ang mga minasaker na mga buko. mukhang exciting nga. pwedeng pang pinoy records

    @watusiboy: haha. di na nga buko yun eh. full-grown coconut na talaga. ahehe. exciting pala talagang makakita ng ganun! ang lupet!!!

  3. wei vines Says:

    wow~ mukang todo party talaga ah! may basagan pa ng buko! woo~ exciting!

    @wei vines: sinulit ko lang pamasahe pauwi. hehe. ayokong malugi sa ginastos ko. ahhhmmm..pero ako din naman gumastos sa inuman. ahehe! pinga-aaralan ko na ngang gawin yun eh. ahehe

  4. cedeux Says:

    at least you have something to look forward kapag weekends or everytime na uuwi ka. kahit nakakapagod sa work, alam mo you have a better place to go to right after.

    nasan na kaya pasalubong ko from fiesta? todo party ah! hehe

    @cedeux: naks! oo nga eh. there’s no place like home, ika nga. pasalubong? ayun, napanis na. ahehe.

  5. donG hO Says:

    good decision. very determined and i can see selflessness here. astig ka! it’s really worth going home kahit ano pang kundisyon.

    @donG hO: thanks kuya dong. hehe. tama ka. that’s why i find time to see my family whenever there’s a chance.

  6. donG hO Says:

    i passed by tacloban last year pero hanggang airport lang kasi dumerecho na kami ng ormoc. ormoc is a simple but sweet city. we have friends there.

    @donG hO: talaga? punta ka ulit dun. hehe. timely ngaun kasi Pintados Kasadyaan Festival na sa weekend. sa ormoc ako dumadaan going to Tacloban.

  7. kamotenista Says:

    wow great vacation!
    masaya talaga if kasama mo ang isang battalion na kamag-anak pag may mga events….

    @kamotenista: uber saya talaga. sana makauwi ulit ako sa september kasi may family reunion daw. hehe

  8. yuie Says:

    oh wait, english..
    is she on a wrong page?

    @yuie: no. you’re on the right page. LOL. ala lang, trip ko lang mag-carabao english. hehe

  9. batopik Says:

    hooo! ang saya ng weekends ah! sama akooo! hehehe.. xP

    @batopik: haha. tenks sa pagdaan. sama ka? nakabalik na ko eh. neks taym na lang. hehe

  10. mang BADdoy Says:

    kakagutom naman at kakaingit ang bumabahang drinks nyo! penge!

    @mang BADdoy: haha. miss mo na pagkain at alak sa pinas no? hehe. uwi ka dito, bilis!

  11. lawstude Says:

    lahat talaga tayo dumadaan sa pagiging SOLITARY kasi meron tayo mga pangarap na gusto maabot. konting tiis lang o kaya maghanap ka na lang ng makaksama mo jan para di ka na SOLITARY. ingats lagi.

    @lawstude: tama ka kuya. sana nga makahanap na ko ng makakasama. ahehe. ingats din kuya!

  12. arnie Says:

    nakitambay ako.:D

    @arnie: tenks sa pagtambay…hanggang sa muli. LOL

  13. rio Says:

    mukhang ang saya saya mo ngayon ah? painom ka naman!!=)..
    alone??? need company?? hehehe…….alam mo na!! just a text away!!! lol

    @rio: nakow, di ako pwedeng uminom ngaun doc. sakit kasi ipin ko. hehe. yeah, kelangan ko ng makakausap. pwede ka ba? LOL. just a text away daw di naman nag-iwan ng number. hehe

  14. Aling Baby Says:

    napadaan lang po. 🙂

    nakakamiss ang mga ganyang happenings! pyestahan, yan ang talagang masarap balik-balikan sa Pinas…haa-haayy, buti kapa sulit na sulit ang weekend spree mo, atlis kahit dami aberya diba ang saya namang talaga! 😀

    @aling baby: salamat sa pagdaan aling baby. hehe. asan ka ba? yup. sulit naman kahit ang daming inconveniencessssss….pluralized na talaga yan! hehe.

  15. chroneicon Says:

    saya naman ng ganyan. nakakamiss ang probinsiya!!! 😦

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