Trip Ko: A Travelogue


This was the schedule that changed my entire not-so-interesting and not-so-exciting (in other words “b-o-r-i-n-g”) weekend life…

My officemates and I had a road trip this weekend. Woohoo! I was free from my dull sleep all day and wash-my-clothes habits. It was really unexpected. I never planned to join the road trip since I’m running out of money and I’m close to being broke. It even took me days to decide. However, my love for travelling convinced me to give it a go. After all, it’s my anniversary here in Cebu and I want to explore more places and attractions here. My birthday is just around the corner as well. I want to give myself a break. You know, city life is fun but it gets boring in the long run. I need to breathe fresh air and enjoy tranquility sometimes. And now, here are the highlights of our two-day road trip down south…


We left for Barili, Cebu around 8 AM. We made a quick stopover in Carcar City to take some pictures.


GOING-AWAY PIC. Smile guys! We’re going to our destination!hehe

Finally, we reached Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu around 11 AM. This place boasts a reputation for a magnificent waterfalls. The sound of the rushing waters was soothing. That was the best waterfalls I’ve seen so far. I would say that it’s close enough to Laguna’s Pagsanjan Falls. This is where we had our lunch. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to join Ivan and Sho with their balsa adventure because I left my bag in the van.


TOURISTS ON THE GO. Here are the tourists striking a pose with the falls on the background (CLOCKWISE: Leylan, Jen,  Erin, Cel, Line, Line’s Dad, Ivan, I, Sean, and Sho)

After spending few hours in Mantayupan Falls, we left for Moalboal, a town known for its white sand beaches and dive spots. Heck, that was my first time to walk on white sand. I didn’t miss the chance to get intimate with it.haha 😆 I rolled over the shore and dived into the water. I enjoyed the moment while the restless waves touch my bare skin.


SOAKING UP. Woohoo! This time we’re soaking up the sun through beach bathing.

Sho (my officemate) and I went boating along the coast. Later, I sat on the shore to watch the beautiful sunset. The scene was perfect! The night in Moalboal was also peaceful. No jeepneys. No busy streets. No pollution. That was paradise! hehe. After setting up our tents, we gathered for a bonfire while drinking my favorite beer.hehe 😆


FIRE UP. The gang gathered around the bonfire. Where was I? I washed my hands after lighting it up!


We had to leave Moalboal at 9 AM. Then, we made our way to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. We did a bit of trekking to get to Kawasan Falls. All of us had to make a number of steps and follow a narrow trail through the trees. I was barely breathing when we finally reached the waterfalls! 😆


FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FALLS. These people are obviously enjoying a great scenic view that this place offers.

The water was pretty cold but I managed to bathe for hours with Ivan, Leylan, Vet, and the two kids Sean and Erin. “Falls-hopping” is really fun!

After taking a dip in the waters of Kawasan Falls, we stopped in Oslob, Cebu. This is where we travelled back in time as we posed near the ruins of old buildings and landmarks. These were the places that I’ve only seen in history books before. Look, here we are striking a pose near the ruins of a watchtower.


SHARING THE LEGACY. This one is steeped in Cebu history. Why not pose for a picture and share the legacy?


The gang posed again! (FROM LEFT:) Sho, Lex (that’s me), Jen, Vet, Cel, Ivan, and two cute kids Sean and Erin at the back.


Another picture at Oslob Bay. Here are the celebrity-wanna-be’s once again…

If I have to describe our road trip with just one word, it would be FUN. Really fun!

I don’t have something for my birthday now. But, it’s fine! The food and drinks would be gone in minutes but the fun I had during our road trip would remain for a lifetime…

Try the southern tip of Cebu now and you’ll enjoy everything!

Special thanks to:

Leylan and Yam for some of the pictures…

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7 Comments on “Trip Ko: A Travelogue”

  1. thebiglife Says:

    Nice photos! I rarely trust photos from travel brochures, but yours look like the real deal.

    Cebu seems like a nice place in the Philippines — I might go there when I visit. 🙂

    hi there! thanks for dropping by my site. yeah. some of the pics from travel brochures have been “photoshoped”. but the pictures here are the “real thing”. some of them were taken by my officemates…

    yes. cebu is indeed a great place to visit. don’t miss your chance! you’ll love it here…

    by the way, do you have a blog? so i can link you up

  2. Myam Says:

    oi birthday. hehe

    thank you…by the way, I want a home-made cellphone pouch on my birthday.ahehe 😆

  3. Geisha Says:


    kaya pala nawala ka ng 48 years! sana man lang sinama nyo ko (kapalmuks)

    ganda naman pala jan sa inyo! na hooked ako sa white sand bitch na yan!

    thus said, my next destination for my wow philippine tour will be…



    haha 😆 48 years kasi akong nagliwaliw! haha 😆 ang layo mo eh, mahirap kang ma-reach! maganda nga dun kaya pinaligo ko ang white sand. di ka pa ba nakapunta dito? ang daming white sand “bitches” dito, este beaches pala!

  4. Geisha Says:

    cge cge bukas punta ako jan… 🙂

    andito ka na ba sa cebu? siguro ikaw yong nakita ko kaninang nagbebenta ng tahong.ahehe 😆

  5. coolwaterworks Says:

    Nice weekend travel you have here… I recommend camping in Osmeña peak and suroy suroy sa Malapascua…

    I add you in blogroll…. 🙂

  6. I am waiting for my classmate to go online for a chat… Then I decided to check out my very first comment in your site… And I found it… Hehehe…

    You were right, biliba, nahinumduman jud nimo… 🙂

    Wrong grammar pa jud akong last sentence… Na-off siguro akong grammar check that time… Hahaha!

  7. Arren Allegretti Says:

    I truly enyoed your travelogue. im actually a Balikbayan and I work with the local government of South Cebu. They are trying to propose a tourism plan and your insights are very helpful for their plan.

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